Review: XYZAL® Allergy 24HR

This post is sponsored by Xyzal ® and all opinions are my own.

I have talked about this before, but I have horrible allergies. My nose runs what seems like all day long and let’s be honest, I haven’t really been doing much to get allergy relief. Living in San Diego, I have allergy symptoms all year round so when Xyzal® reached out to me to collaborate, I was intrigued & ready to try something to help with my allergies mostly caused by tree and weed pollen.

As I’m training for the NYC Marathon, I’ve noticed that as the wind picks up and we spend more time outside, I tend to have more allergy symptoms, and having a product to help combat them will help make training more enjoyable.

Formerly available by prescription only, Xyzal® provides powerful, all-night and all-day allergy relief that is just as effective at hour 24 as it is at hour one. To see if Xyzal® is the right antihistamine medicine for you, speak with your physician or allergist.

Xyzal® starts working in one hour and provides rapid relief of indoor & outdoor allergy symptoms. These symptoms include: sneezing, runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, itchy nose or throat.

I have never taken Xyzal® before and that’s probably because it used to be only available by prescription, although Xyzal® has been available OTC now for almost 5 years. That’s not the case anymore!! It provides powerful, all-night & all- day allergy relief.

I have taken Xyzal® for a few days now and I have to say, just one pill gives me 24 hours of relief. After I took it the first time, I realized that even after cleaning the house and grooming the cats, I didn’t have a runny nose all day and I didn’t have any issues with sneezing &/or itchy eyes. That’s because Xyzal® is just as effective at hour 24 as it is at hour 1. I’m so excited!
I spend a lot of time outside too and haven’t had a runny nose or itchy eyes since I started using Xyzal®.  It’s been really nice.
Do you have allergy symptoms?  You might want to talk to your physician and/or allergist to see if Xyzal® is the right antihistamine medicine for you.  If it is, head on over to Walgreens to purchase Xyzal® in-store or online.
*Use as Directed

Rose Bowl Half Marathon 2021

Yesterday, I ran my 65th Half Marathon!  The Rose Bowl Half Marathon which used to be called the Pasadena Half.  I haven’t run this one since the very first year back in 2017.

We drove up on Saturday to the Rose Bowl to pick-up our packets.  We were visiting Sean’s mom who was visiting Newport Beach and while there were 5 spots around LA to pick up our packets, we determined that going to Pasadena was the best traffic wise between San Diego & Newport Beach.

It was super simple, park in lot D, walk over to the tents, they assigned us a bib number & gave us a bag for gear & a coupon for Big 5 and we were on our way.  You could pick up race shirts on Sunday before or after the race.  We ultimately didn’t pick ours up because neither of us expected to ever wear it.

Sunday morning, we got up around 4:30am & were out the door by 4:50a.  The race recommended getting to the Rose Bowl by 6am and Newport Beach is about 60 miles from Pasadena so it was going to take about an hour to get there.

Last time we ran the race, it took forever to get parked, this time while there was traffic when we got close to the stadium it wasn’t anything near as bad as that first year.  They had it organized so that if you came from one direction, you parked in one lot & if you came from the other direction you parked in another lot.  This made things much much easier.

It was a little chilly when we got there – if you can call low 60s chilly but after the previous 5 days of 90+ it felt cool.  We hit up the bathrooms, there were a both on-site normal bathrooms and port-a-potties.  The normal bathrooms had lines but the portos were pretty empty, I don’t think I ever saw a line at them.

We then got into the corrals, since they just assigned bibs it was one of those races where you were on the honor system as far as where you started.  They said that they were going to have 2 waves, but I don’t know if they actually did.

I tried to start in Corral 3 but they were like move up, move up and I ended up starting around the middle of Corral 2. I was behind the 2hour pace group, which is where I ended up finishing.  I did notice as I was running that the pace groups seemed really close together.  I saw 2:10 & 2:15 within sight of each other multiple times and then the 2:30 group wasn’t that far away either – the 2:30 pacer ended up finishing in 2:22 so I think it might have been a little off.

Anyways the course seemed about the same as it did before to me.  It’s somewhat hilly, not horrible but there are a few hills.  It was gray the whole race and incredibly humid.  My SeaWheeze crop was so soaked that I wrung it out 2-3 times while running.

I felt pretty good through mile 6ish.  I started the race with my stomach growling so I think I needed more fuel.  I ate one spring energy gel between miles 6-7 but I probably could have used at least 1 more.  I’ll test that out at my next half in a few weeks.

I was running pretty good considering I haven’t run a half since July & that one didn’t go great.  I really tried to stay in a comfortable pace and with the exception of mile 12 where I felt incredibly tired and walked a few extra times, I felt decent the rest of the race.

In fact the last mile was my second fastest mile of the whole race.  Then we got to finish inside the Rose Bowl on the field, which is exciting.

I got my medal, a heat sheet, a bottle of water – they used a company called Liquid Death & honestly if I hadn’t heard someone say it’s water, I thought it was beer, so that was a little weird.  They also do random snacks at the end, Clif bar is a LAM sponsor and so it would have been nice to get a clif bar at the finish but other than than that it was fine.

I stretched for a few minutes then headed outside to see Sean who had finished a bit before me.  All in all it was a pretty quick & easy and then we were on our way back to Newport Beach.

Differences from last time? I think just that the parking (at least from the side we came from) was so much better.  Outside of that it seemed about the same although thankfully no rain.


Product Review: Superfeet ADAPT Run Insoles

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx on behalf of Superfeet.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. Affiliate links in post.

Do you use running insoles?  When I was running track in high school I had custom made orthotics but over the years my feet changes and I have to admit that I have tried insoles over the years but I haven’t used them consistently.

When I had an issue with my peroneal tendon on my left foot, my orthopedist recommended Superfeet for when walking around so I have used their product. I was using the Berry Everyday Comfort Insoles.

These new ADAPT Run insoles are different though, they are first and foremost designed for running and they are not only made with two layers of cushioning, the Adaptive Comfort Technology is a patented design that is made to help your feet to move the way they are supposed to.  There is a responsive forefoot & a heel cushion, which I personally need as I tend to heel strike especially when I’m tired.

Another incredible benefit that the ADAPT Run insoles have is that they have a feature called MoistureWickTM which improves wicking and breathability and controls odor which can be an issue with insoles.

The ADAPT Run & Run Max insoles retail for $49.95 per pair.

There are two ADAPT RUN Styles, the ADAPT Run that I got that has a thinner profile, a lower arch for those of us with a medium to low arch, and medium shaped heel cup & the ADAPT Run Max that has a higher arch & a deeper heel cup for those with a high arch.

I put my ADAPT Run insoles into my running shoes and noticed a difference immediately as soon as I stood up.  They didn’t feel overly hard like most orthotics do.  These cushioned insoles felt really comfortable on my feet. I couldn’t wait to test them out and ran immediately outside to test them out!

Superfeet has outdone themselves with the ADAPT Run insole series.  These are the first pair of flexible and cushioned insoles I have ever tried and they make me excited to go run knowing that they are made to feel like a part of my shoes.

Have you tried Superfeet?  Do you like a cushioned shoe?  Head over to shop Superfeet’s New ADAPT Run Insoles & get your own pair!  I hope you love them as much as I do!

NYC Marathon Training Week 5

So I decided to shake things up a bit this week and I told my coach that I no longer wanted to do a traditional training plan.  Having a plan and specific days to run was stressing me out and I wanted to return to a place where I was just doing strength training with her and I’d figure out the running on my own.

Maybe that’s a bad idea, maybe not but it’s what I need right now as I bring myself back to run fitness & how I need to get myself out the door.

So, that being said, what did I do last week?

Monday – Strength Training, 10 min Peloton Core workout & 25 minutes on the bike.

Tuesday – 2o minutes on the bike, 10 min Peloton Core, 10 min stretching

Wednesday – Strength Training, 20 minutes on the bike

Thursday – 3.25 miles on the tread + pre & post run stretching

Friday – Strength Training, 10 min core, 20 min Recovery Ride

Saturday – 6 miles at Lake Murray

Sunday – 90 minutes on the bike including my 500th ride!! and a 15 min ride PR.  Stretching

Last week was really ride heavy vs run heavy but that’s ok.  It’s what I needed. My desire to run is slowly coming back and I’m honoring that.

My hydration game is on point, I drank over 100 oz of water every day this week.  I am feeling good & am taking it day by day.


2021 Pain Awareness Month #PainCounts

This post is sponsored by Sunbeam.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Did you know that September is the US Pain Foundation Pain Awareness Month?

This year’s Pain Awareness Month campaign is presented in collaboration with my friends over at Sunbeam & you can come up with your own pain care plan by going to

The US Pain Foundation believes that every person with pain is entirely unique & their treatment plan should be as well. The theme for this year #MyPainPlan was chosen because it’s vitally important that everyone have access to an individualized, multidisciplinary, multimodal approach to pain care.

While my own pain is currently mostly superficial, I am no longer dealing with the chronic hamstring & knee pain that I once was, I went to and created #MyPainPlan.

When you go to the site you’ll be able to learn about treatment options, create a customized plan and then download & share your plan.

You’ll be able to explore options in seven categories of pain management

Self-management options focus on lifestyle changes, like learning how to pace yourself or improving your sleep habits.  They typically are low risk to try but can take a major time commitment to implement.

Restorative therapies are treatment approaches and interventions that focus on using or modifying movement to reduce pain.  These are mostly low-risk, but may require you to start slow and work with a trained professional at first.

Complementary and integrative health approaches include options that are not typically part of conventional medical care and/or have origins outside of Western medicine.  These options often emphasize the mind-body connection & can focus on calming the nervous system and reducing stress.  There is mixed scientific evidence so it’s hard to know if things like acupuncture, cupping, reflexology & reiki will help with your specific type of pain.

Mind Body and behavioral health approaches may help you reframe how you see your pain and improve your ability to cope with it. In some cases, in the long run, they may even improve pain itself.  Examples include counseling, mediation, and  support groups.

Medications – pretty self-explanatory but please work with your health care provider to determine what medication is right for you.

External devices – treatment options use innovative technology and electrical currents to reduce pain. These currents can interfere with, or even block, pain signals in the body. This would be something like a TENS unit or one of the many Sunbeam heating pads.

Interventional – this category involves surgical procedures performed by medical professionals. These procedures can range from minimally invasive to invasive.

For now, I personally will be sticking to using my Sunbeam GoHeatTM USB Powered Heating Pad to help with my minimal pain, but if you have chronic pain, head over to to create your own pain plan to discuss with your health provider.


August Recap

I am all over this recap stuff this week.  I’ve written a bunch of posts and I’ve got loads of content coming for September so get ready to see a lot of me!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already September! Where did August go? Where did this whole year go for that matter?

Ok, let see what happened in August – I can barely remember because it went by so fast!

I started training for the NYC Marathon with a coach and then stopped training for the marathon with my coach.  I’m still planning to run the race, I’m just not sure how exactly I want to go about it.  I have to admit & I know I’ve said this before, I don’t love the actual training process, which is why in the past we have run so many races, because it’s more fun to me to run a race than to run a long training run.

In any case I ended August with 57.6 miles of running.  I ran one race, the Balboa Park 8 Miler which was a new to me race & distance.  We went up to the Bay Area to see my sister & BIL and took a road trip to Yosemite National Park where we camped for the weekend.

I started reading a booked called The Success Principles because it’s time to make some changes in my life & take charge of things again vs just complaining and hoping things will get better. I’m loving it so far, and really looking forward to implementing some of the steps in the book.

I finally started taking my hydration seriously.  I bought myself a Hydrojug and I have been doing my best to drink a minimum of 73 oz of water every day since I got it.  I have to say having a huge water bottle with all the water in it seems to be helping and I’m already noticing a difference.  My skin feels a little better, I haven’t been scratching nearly as much and I don’t feel nearly as bloated TMI maybe but it’s something that makes a difference to me.

Because we were traveling a lot I didn’t really get in a lot of Peloton workouts this month but I did still manage to do all my strength workouts. We currently don’t have any travel booked for September so I’ll be doing my best to do at least 30 minutes of cardio a day.

I had a decent amount of campaigns in August so I got to try or work with the following brands.

Balance Superfood Shots – these are yummy shots with 50% of your daily fruit & veggie allotment.  I really like the Foundation Blend.  Withings – I had the scale and now I have the blood pressure monitor which comes in handy because I have white coat syndrome which means my BP is always higher when I go to the actual dr. This allows me to measure my BP at home and then share with my dr.

Now for the food!  I partnered with Factor Foods, which is a super easy and simple way to get eat yummy chef-crafted meals.  I love their plant based meals & juices.  You can save $90 on your first 3 weeks but using my code RUNNYLEGS90.  I also partnered with Califia Farms to share how plant based milks & cold brews can be used to make yummy desserts!

I shared how I take my Sunbeam Go HeatTM USB Powered Heating Pad on trips with me and that my Garmin Enduro has an incredible breathwork activity that’s helping me to stay focused & relaxed.

August was jam-packed for me.  How was your August?

NYC Marathon Training Weeks 3 & 4

How is it already week 3?

We got back from our quick visit to the Bay Area and were planning for a  camping trip to Yosemite for the next weekend so I took my schedule and switched up some of the workout days.

I got a hydro-jug after I got back from the Bay Area and started increasing my water intake. I’m putting this out there because honestly I suck at getting in enough water.  Every year I start the year out and am like I’m going to drink more water but in January it’s always cooler and drinking cold or even room temp water doesn’t interest me. But I need to make some changes so I’m starting now in summer so it will hopefully be a habit by the time it gets cooler outside :).

I’m pretty proud of myself because with the exception of the time we were in Yosemite I have finished my 73 oz Hydro-Jug + a few Spindrift, every single day.  I find that I am craving water and while I know it’s still really early in my drink enough water journey, I already have noticed that my skin is feeling nicer.

So what did I do these last 2 weeks?

Week 3:

Monday – 60 minutes on the Peloton. 15 min ride to warm up, 30 min Sweat Steady ride with Jess King & 15 min low impact ride.  I did a little stretching too.

Tuesday – Strength Training + 30 mins on the Peloton.  I did 5 min warm up & cool down with Matt and a 20 min pop ride with Ally Love. I did a bunch of stretching yesterday too.  Drinking all the water was making me feel really tight and bloated so I stretched a lot!

Wednesday – It was ugly out! I hate gray days but these days are cooler so they are better for running.  It was pretty warm when I got to Lake Murray though but I did a nice 10k around the lake with a 1 mile cool-down walk afterwards

Thursday -Strength Training

Friday – I took Friday as a mostly rest day since we were driving up to Yosemite & a 7+ hour car ride is a long ride.  We did go for a 2ish mile hike around Glacier Point though.

Saturday – We did a short 2ish mile run around Tuolomne Meadows and then an 7ish mile hike to Cathedral Lakes.

Sunday – 6ish miles around Tenaya Lake and then a 5ish mile hike on the JMT/PCT following the lake from our campground.

Week 4: This week was tough, after a long drive back from Yosemite I was exhausted & honestly I struggled with run motivation this week and literally only got one run in.  I decided to drop run coaching with my coach and stick to just strength training and I’ll figure out how to run NYC on my own because forcing the runs isn’t really working.

Monday – Super long drive home from Yosemite

Tuesday – 30 minutes on the bike

Wednesday – Strength training

Thursday – 35 minutes on the bike

Friday – Strength training

Saturday – 6.33 miles running at the San Diego Harbor

Sunday – Rest Day

So, lots to think on as we are about 11 weeks until the race but honestly I’m good.  I’ll do my best to make it work and then we’ll go from there but st this time, running is just not bringing me the joy that it has in the past.

Balboa Park 8 Miler 2021 Race Recap

This is the first time I’ve run this race.  We are normally out of town, AC 100 is normally this weekend or another 100 mile race so it isn’t on our radar.  This year however with us not traveling quite as much and staying closer to home, when my teammates from Arete said that this was going to be our August race, I was like ok let’s give it a whirl.

The Balboa Park 8 Miler is sponsored by the San Diego Track Club & San Diego Running.  It’s got quite the history dating back to 1955 and is one of the oldest races in the country and one of the few that uses a course that is very similar to what it was in the beginning.

The race starts, is run and finishes in Balboa Park.  It’s got a little bit of everything, through the park by Spreckels Organ Pavilion, by the Museum of Man and onto the bridge over the 163, out on to the road where Rock n Roll San Diego normally starts, around the park that I’ve run a lot of times with Run619, back through the main part of the park and then on to some trails before you come back up towards the finish.

We picked up our packets at Road Runner Sports the night before, it was super fast because we got there about 30 minutes before close.  There were no assigned bib numbers, at least not in our case, we were just given the two that were next in the box.  We got a tee shirt, which in this case was actually decent, I think it was a cotton blend, but it had a v-neck for the women’s version and I actually thought it was comfortable which isn’t common for me.

It only took us about 15 minutes to get to the start on Saturday, we left a little late and were still there by 6:30, used the portos and were at the start line for a team photo  by 6:45a.  I’m not sure if there were less people than normal or if it’s normally that easy :).

I knew that I wasn’t going to be running any PRs so I started back a little ways.  Sean asked me if I wanted him to run with me, but I was ok running solo and letting him run his own race.

Because I was a little bit behind I ended up in wave 4.  I didn’t even know there were waves but apparently there were & they were about 30 seconds apart so nothing crazy.

I was planning to just take the race really nice & easy and while it wasn’t quite as nice & easy as it should have been, I’m pretty proud of myself for dialing it back whenever I started getting in over my head.

It was overcast the whole race, which was nice because I left my sunglasses in the car.  I know that when it’s like that even if I have my sunglasses on my head they get sweaty and then I can’t see out of them and I was wearing a crop top that was going to be soaked.  It did burn off not long after I finished though and it was a beautiful San Diego day.

Sean crushed his race, he got 36th overall and 3rd place in his age group!  We stayed for a bit because he got an age group award.  Two of my Arete teammates were first in their age groups so that was pretty cool as well!

My race wasn’t quite as speedy, but I was happy to finish with a smile and without any issues.  And I don’t think I’ve ever run an 8 mile race so it was an auto PR!

After we finished they had bottled water, nature’s valley fruit & nut bars & bananas.  There were a few tents set up at the finish, but it wasn’t like the other races we did this summer with snacks and other drink vendors.

So that being said, I would totally run this race again.  I thought it was a nice course, mostly flat with a few hilly sections on the trail portion, one at mile 6 was especially rough but overall it was a really nice course and we of course got lucky and had great weather.

Oh and they have free race photos, which is one of my fav perks!

Are you running more local races this year?  I’ve done 3 local races in the last 2 months which seems like a lot to me!

NYC Marathon Training Week 2

Week 2 of training went about how I expected based off how the last 7 months of running has gone. For whatever reason it seems like I have one great week of training and then one not so great week, which really makes it hard to get to a place of consistency.

After running the Balboa Park 8 Miler on Saturday, I was exhausted and actually took a nap that morning before we went out to get food.

I took Sunday completely off as my coach had on the schedule.  This isn’t my normal MO, I prefer to still do something like walk or hike but I didn’t do anything and I think that might have been part of my problem as the week started.

Monday my stomach was a little off and I just didn’t feel well so I didn’t eat a lot.  I had just a bowl of rice for lunch and then was probably starving which didn’t help the situation. I did eat dinner and felt a little better after a nap.  I did manage to get in my strength workout but didn’t bike.

Tuesday was a little better but I was not in the mood to run that afternoon.  It was hot and I had a headache when we left the house but Sean & I went down to the harbor and it was a lot cooler and I ended up having a really nice run.

Wednesday, I again didn’t feel really well, I don’t what my deal was this week but I ended up taking my rest day because I felt so bad.

Thursday, I did my strength workout and we went on a nice hike.

Friday, I ran 5 miles on the treadmill and it was a little brutal, I don’t enjoy running on the treadmill these days, I’ve transitioned into different shoes and they are not treadmill shoes so that makes a difference.  Plus I feel like my knee hurts everytime I use the tread so that doesn’t make me want to use it.

Saturday, we traveled up to the Bay Area to visit my sister and I didn’t have access to weights so I went for a short run with Sean.

Sunday, after a very very early flight home, I was super lazy and exhausted so I skipped my long run.

If you are curious, here is what I was supposed to do:

Day 1: Strength + 20-30 min ride
What I did: Strength Only
Day 2: 6 easy miles + stretching
What I did: 6 miles & I stretched
Day 3: Strength + walk/hike/easy bike
what I did: rest day and moved this to Day 4
Day 4: 5-7 miles easy + stretching
what I did: Day 3 workout + 4 mile hike
Day 5: Strength + 20-30 min ride
what I did: 5 miles + stretching (day 4 workout)
Day 6: 9 miles easy + stretching
what I did: 4 miles easy & stretching
Day 7: Rest day
what I did: took a second rest day.

So overall, week 2 was kind of a toss up, I did 2/3s of my work-outs, but it happens and we just move on.  Onward to week 3!

Marathon Training – 2021 NYC Marathon Week 1

Here we go my friends.  I haven’t officially trained for a marathon in many, many years.  In fact I would go so far as to say, maybe the last time I legit trained for a race, any race, but especially a marathon was back in 2014 when I ran the Rome Marathon.

Since I met Sean & moved to San Diego, we have spent every year running one race after another and haven’t really focused on actual training.  We have always just run  & then whatever happens happens.  Sometimes I’ve been in great shape, like when I PR’d the marathon by over 40 minutes at Mt. Hood the week after a 50k, other times, like Chicago 2019 I managed to get in under 5 hours with little to no training.

But this year, things are a little different.  I’ve run a fraction of what I normally run in a year & while I can still hold my own, my cardiovascular endurance isn’t really there right now.

So, that means I might have to actually train to get to the finish line. Say what?!? LOL

I have been working with Nicole from Heartnsole Running on strength training since March, it’s the one constant thing that I have actually done on a consistent basis this year.  We are adding in running now and will be taking it nice & easy.  Hopefully by not getting overwhelmed I’ll be able to start running again on a consistent basis.

I know myself and I know that too long of a training session and I will get bored so we have I believe 12 weeks until race day & just under 100 days.  I have no time goals at this point in time and just want to finish without having to walk the majority of the race.

I have run 30+ marathons, twice as many half marathons and about 15-20 ultras so a 12 week almost couch to marathon is not an issue for me, I ran Coldwater 52 miler one year with only 2 half marathons as my training so I know that 12 weeks is sufficient to get me a good base & ready to run.  If you are running your first marathon I think most plans are for around 16 weeks, which is what I did when I was first starting out.

Week 1:
Monday – Strength Training & 30 minutes on the Peloton
Actual – Strength Training + 5min warm up ride, 20 min main ride, 5min cool-down
Tuesday – 4 miles easy & 20 minutes on the Peloton
Actual – 4.01 miles + 5 min warm up ride, 20 min main ride
Wednesday – Strength Training & walk
Actual – Strength Training
Thursday – 5 miles easy + stretching &/or yoga
Actual – 5.02 miles + glute bootcamp with Sean
Friday – Strength Training + 30 minutes on the Peloton
Actual – Strength Training + 30 min ride
Saturday – 6 miles easy + foam roll/stretch
Actual – Balboa Park 8 miler + stretching
Sunday – Rest Day
Actual – I actually took the day off and rested outside cleaning the house

I normally wouldn’t track my training here but since I haven’t actually done much actual training in years I thought this might be a way to hold myself accountable and help me to actually get out the door.

Are you training for a fall marathon?  Which one & how’s your training going?