Half Marathon Training Week 7 (Jun 16 – 22) & What I’m Training For

I’ve been training with my new coach for 7 weeks now, time sure flies doesn’t it?  And it occurs to me that I don’t think I’ve ever put out there what I’m training for.

I have so many goals, fitness, financial, personal, you name it and I’ve probably got a goal for it.  I started this year with 4 major running goals for 2014.

1) Run a sub 4 hour marathon

2) Run a sub 2 hour half marathon

3) If goal 1 was achieved, then attempt to BQ in the fall

4) Finally, run a sub 30 min 5k in a race (for all the races I’ve done, I’ve never seriously run a 5k)

Well, goal #1 didn’t happen as much as I wanted it to in Rome so I decided to concentrate on goal #2 which then led to my current goal.  I have wanted to achieve my half marathon goal for a while now, but when you are marathon training, it makes it hard to focus on anything else, so as I’ve discussed, I’ve put my marathon goals on the back burner to concentrate on the half instead.

Which leads me to my current goal – to run a 1:45 or under in the half, which right now would mean dropping about a minute per mile.  So that’s what I’m working towards and time will tell if I’m mentally as well as physically prepared.  I’ve picked a goal race, the Women’s Running Half Marathon in Scottsdale on Nov 2 (hopefully it’ll be a bit cooler then).

But now, let’s recap last week…

Another so-so week as I was feeling off most of the week, probably due to cutting out a lot of sugar from my diet.  I’ll talk about my nutrition in a future post, but it’s enough to say I’ve really fallen off the clean eating wagon and my running is starting to suffer from it.

Monday – 45 min Tempo Run (15 warm-up, 20 min tempo, 10 min cooldown) Actual: 45:03, 5.12 mi, avg pace 8:48 – did first 20 min at tempo because I have had a hard time with these runs in the past and was feeling good. Not exactly what I was supposed to do – lol.

Tuesday – 45 min run Actual: 30:40, 3.20 miles, avg pace 9:24 and then a 2 mile walk.  I wasn’t feeling well on Monday and I didn’t eat much so I was starving during this run, I normally don’t have a problem running thru the hunger but no go this time.  The view though, really made my morning, one of the best sunrises I’ve had the pleasure of seeing.

Sunrise, Phoenix, Arizona, Trail Run
Most amazing sunrise…

Wednesday – 60 min bike ride & 30 min strength workout – Actual: 45 minutes on the elliptical at work (the bike wasn’t working) and 30 min strength training.  1 set weights, 15 min cardio x 3

Nautilus machines 3×12
*Leg Press 110# *Leg Extension 50#*Seated Leg Curl 60# *Double chest 50# – arm cross & decline press
*Torso arm 60# *Biceps 30# *Compound Rowing 60# *Lateral raise 40#
*Overhead Press 40# *Triceps 30# *Abdominal 60#
*Crunches x50 *Full Sit-ups x30 *Modified push-ups x30

Thursday – 45 min run – Actual: 45 minutes on the treadmill during lunch, 4.98 miles, avg pace 9:02

Friday – 30 min easy run – Actual: 30 minutes 3.30 miles, avg pace 9:02 – Garmin died after mile 1 and so I just ran, it was super nice to just run without looking at the pace, etc.  I had nike+ on as a back-up but I don’t have the voice telling me my mileage so it was nice.

Watch free run
Watch free run

Saturday – 90 min run with 3*5min pick-ups at goal pace – Actual: 1:21, 8 miles, avg pace 10:14 This run was horrible, I started it dehydrated and with a new hydration belt which bounced all around, so much for bounce free, but why we test this stuff out before race day.  I went home after 3.3 miles and switched belts but my back had already started to hurt from changing my stride to compensate for the bouncing belt, so my hamstring started to hurt and by mile 7 I wasn’t having it anymore and walked the last mile home.

Start in the moonlight, end with sunlight
Start in the moonlight, end with sunlight

Sunday – 20 min stretching & foam rolling – Actual: 20 min stretching & foam rolling

I’m starting a new nutrition plan this week and seriously working on my hydration as well since I’ve had 2 runs in a row with hydration problems.

Do you have a goal race? or Time?

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