Half Marathon Training (Jun 30 – Jul 6)

Only 20 days until The San Francisco Marathon (1st half for me).  I’m really excited because my sister & brother-in-law are doing the 5k so it’ll be a bit of a family affair.

This week was so much better, I felt good, my nutrition was great, no slip ups even with the 4th of July.  The only issue was the heat and more significant the humidity.  It has gotten crazy humid this week, and while I know that it’s nothing compared to what people in other areas of the country are dealing with, for us, 40% humidity is horrible.  Earlier this year, I was running with 6% so as you can imagine that’s quite significant.  I had a bit of an issue with the heat but powered thru the best I could.

Monday: 45 min Tempo Run
Actual: 45 min – 5.09 mi, avg pace 8:52 – 82 degrees/30% humidity

Tuesday: Run Clinic with my coach & others, 30 min strength training
Actual: Run Clinic, we did a dynamic warm-up, a few laps around the track trying different form improvements, along with a lot of drills, I had to leave a bit early so I’m not sure how they ended the session.
Strength Training after work – 2x around all the nautilus machines with 10 minutes of ab/core work


Wednesday: Bike 60 minutes, inside or out
Actual: Walked 1.2 miles in the am from the car dealer – 30 min pool running – 10 miles on the indoor bike, 6 miles on my road bike (60 minutes)


Thursday: 45 min run
Actual: 27 min running 3.12 miles, 8:53 avg pace – 24 min run/walk 2.17 miles – super hot & humid and my legs were sore from the bike the night before, oops 🙂

Friday: Hill Repeats
Actual: Got myself out of bed at 4am on the 4th of July to go find a hill to run up 6x approx. 300 ft of elevation change.

Saturday: Long Run 90 min
Actual: Hard one this morning but I finally managed to do a decent long run, 9.76 miles, 1:33, 9:36 avg pace.  There was a little walking on this one, the humidity is really killing me – I can’t wait for the cooler temps in SF!


Sunday: Rest Day

All in all a great week, I’m feeling much stronger, even with the humidity and heat.  Ready to run!

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