Half Marathon Training Week 8 (Jun 23 – 29)

This was another semi rough week, I was still detoxing from my sugar issue so I was still not feeling 100% and we had work meetings again this week and it’s hard to stick to my nutrition plan when I’m away from the office.

I think I mentioned last week that I decided to work with a nutritionist again to get myself back on track.  It’s definitely an expense that I don’t necessarily need or want, but having that accountability and adding in the fact that I’m paying to do this, makes me more motivated to stick with it.  I’m going to talk a bit about my nutrition plan in my next post.  This week I was really good, I only had added sugar one time, at Tuesday night’s work dinner at Capital Grille, I couldn’t resist the creme brulee which is my absolute fav dessert ever.  But I’m proud to say that was my only cheat the entire week!

creme brulee, dessert, capital grille
My fav, creme brulee, this one from The Capital Grille.

Now onto my workouts…

Monday: After a second not so good long run, my coach suggested I take an extra rest day and do some yoga & stretching

Tuesday: 60 minutes crosstraining on the bike – Actual: 45 min on the bike – 15 miles – I was running a bit behind for work and this was our 15 hour work day so I think it’s ok 🙂

Wednesday:45 min tempo run – Actual: I did 4.96 miles in 45 min on the treadmill, not quite a tempo run, but it was consistent and I felt pretty good outside of a bit of of a twinge in my left glute.

Thursday: 30 min easy run – Actual: 3.5 mi avg pace 8:35 (Nike+ was a bit off from my Garmin) not exactly easy pace but I actually felt great and it didn’t seem like I was going that fast. And a little yoga after to stretch out.

Post run half-moon at sunrise :)
Post run half-moon at sunrise 🙂

Friday: 30 min strength training – Actual: 30 mins of light weights and lots of abs – also 30 minutes of running in the pool

Saturday: 90 min run with 4x5min of between 8:00 – 8:30 pace  Actual: Trail Run 7.28 miles with 596 ft of elevation change 1hr 39min, avg pace 13:39.  I was with a friend who was being conservative because of the uphills, but I took the lead at one point on the downhill and was totally killing it – I seriously felt like I was flying, it was so awesome!  I don’t do a lot of trail runs because it is so hot during the summer.  When you have to go out around 4/4:30am it’s not really safe to trail run in the dark by yourself, but I do really enjoy them.

Going out a 4am is so worth it...sunrise run.
Going out a 4am is so worth it…sunrise run.

Sunday: Rest Day

I finished June up with 88.66 miles – which wasn’t too bad considering how bad I felt for most of the month :).  I’m ready to rock July!

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