Marathon Training: Run the Strip at Night: Week 1

Now that I’ve made the decision to start marathon training again, it’s time to shift my focus, run wise and concentrate on increasing my long run, since I’ve been stuck in a 9-10 mile rut since running the RnR San Diego Half.  Of course, this was quite possibly the worst weather week this year, with a major storm on Tuesday and so much humidity!

This week was also an event week for me so it’s always a bit more challenging these weeks because of long days and super high heels, oops ;).  So that all being said, let’s get into how my week went!

Monday: 30 minutes – Actual: 30 minutes 3.17 miles 9:28 average pace – Run after dinner

Tuesday: 45 minutes, Yoga & leg strengthening – Actual: skipped this one but it was an eventful day with a water feature being added to the Ritz Carlton lobby – yikes!  They were amazing in how fast they got everything under control.  This is why the Ritz is one of my fav places!!

Indoor Water Feature

Wednesday: 45 minutes – Hill Repeats – Actual: I didn’t do the hill repeats since we did lots of hill work on Saturday but instead went out for a run after dinner again.  I ended up doing 5 slow mile repeats with about 2 minutes of calf stretching between each.  I think 2 days in 4 inch heels took it’s toll.

Thursday: Bike & Yoga 1:20 – Actual: stretching, foam rolling, using the Stick to help loosen up my calves


Friday: 45 minutes running – Actual: 43.37 4.55 miles 9:35 average pace – it was cooler, only 70 but with 91% humidity!!


Saturday: 2hr 15 min running – Actual: 2:15 13.01 miles 10:24 average pace.  Again a bit cooler in the low 70s but with 88% humidity and after an hour, high sun.  I ran with the Cave Creek Chicks for the first 9 miles.  We had a few set-backs, which contributed to my average pace. 1st we ran into a lake on the trail so fortunately there is another trail higher up so we went up there for a while, then about 4.25 miles in we ran into a LOT of mud, so we carefully traversed that area so not to get our shoes too muddy, we are such girls – LOL!!  Then we ran into 2 high school cross country teams on the trail. After finishing with the girls, I headed out for an additional 45 minutes.  I ended up exploring a new trail, which was definitely interesting, crazy technical, with ridiculously large rocks that weren’t easy to run on but I was exceptionally happy to get over my 9 mile rut and even though it was Florida humid out there, complete with shorts sticking to me, it was an awesome run!

IMG_8356 IMG_8359 IMG_8361 IMG_8362

Sunday: Today’s a rest day and then we start all over tomorrow!


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