Running Goals: Changing my focus

I’ve talked about this before, but after my experience at the Rome Marathon in March, I decided to focus on my half marathon goals & put the marathon on a back burner. When I achieved my sub-2 half goal at Rock n Roll San Diego, I continued to focus on half marathons and set a goal of a 1:45 half focusing on doing this at the Women’s Half in Scottsdale on Nov 2. Well if you’ve been reading or following along on Instagram you know, I’ve been struggling with being motivated by my goal.

I thought after Rome that I needed to achieve my half goals in order to be able to achieve my marathon goals and mentally I did.  However, I didn’t take into account that I’ve spent the last 2 summers marathon training and while, it’s not easy, I find it more exciting to train for a marathon vs a half.  I know I can do a half anytime and while a 1:45 goal is a huge speed goal, it wasn’t enough to keep me motivated.

I’ve been feeling like my running has been forced and it hasn’t really been fun lately, I neglected to remember that I really enjoy achieving those higher mileage goals and there really is nothing like going out there and running 20 miles on a Saturday morning :).  These shorter mileage runs have been a challenge and I think mentally I’ve just been doing just the minimum vs really pushing it.

So that being said, after talking it over with my coach and giving it a bit of consideration, I’ve decided to change my RnR Las Vegas registration from the half to the marathon!!

I am very fortunate that Sean agreed to run with me and help pace me as I attempt my first sub 4 hour marathon.  My friend Vanessa is also pacing the 4:00 hour pace group so I will know several other runners and will have a lot of support at the actual race as well as on my journey.

And so it begins…Marathon Training!!


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