Marathon Training: Run the Strip at Night: Week 2

Wow, was this really just week 2?  So much happened this week that it seems like a lot longer.  My grandfather passed away one week ago today, so I flew out to Pennsylvania on Wednesday for the viewing & funeral, as you can imagine, it was quite a stressful time.  Then I headed out to San Diego for the weekend and returned to Phoenix last night so it’s been a whirlwind of a week, that’s for sure.

Training, as you can imagine when you are traveling, especially for events such as a funeral, it can be hard to get in your work-outs.  I did the best I could and for the most part, the only thing that really suffered was my long run on Saturday, going back and forth between 3 times zones is killer on the body.

Monday – 45 min moderate effort run – Actual: 5 miles 45:38 9:08 average pace

Tuesday – leg strengthening exercises, Yoga – Actual: 50 burpees with plank & superman between sets of 10, yoga

Wednesday – Tempo run, warm up, 25 min at 8:30 pace, 10 min cool down – Actual: 1 mile on an ancient treadmill in my aunt’s basement, I started to smell burnt plastic so I decided to move to the Gazelle 😉 which was a surprisingly good workout, 5 miles

Working it out on the Gazelle & my dad totally photobombed me lol
Working it out on the Gazelle & my dad totally photobombed me lol
The Old School Treadmill
The Old School Treadmill

Thursday – cross training, yoga – Actual: 37:33, 4 miles, 9:23 average pace hill workout in the PA hills, over 300 feet of elevation and it was warm with the sun beating down mid afternoon

PA Hills
PA Hills

Friday – 1 hour moderate effort run – Actual: Unscheduled Rest Day (Funeral & Travel to PIT to fly to SD)

Saturday – 2hr 15 min 15 min warm-up, 6.5 miles at 9:15 pace, finish easy effort – Actual: total fail on this run, after getting up at 3am EST, flying to the west coast, hitting up the beach at Coronado Island, I just wasn’t able to make it more than 5.1 miles, 50 min, 9:48 avg pace.

Coronado Island, San Diego, California, Run Coronado Island, San Diego, Seen on our run, California, sunset

Sunday – Rest Day – Actual: 58:57, 6.25 miles 9:26 avg pace – A nice night run by Mission Bay – I like this run, but it’s super dark in spots so we had a head lamp and I wouldn’t run this alone

Mission Bay, San Diego, California, Night Run
Night run on Mission Bay

All in all it was a surprisingly good week.  I’ve still got to figure out how to knock out a better long run, but it’s coming, I’ll get there :).

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