2015 Goals

We are already 11 days into 2015 and I’m still contemplating what I want to achieve for this year. It’s so easy to say I want to run a sub-4 hour marathon & lower my half marathon PR etc but while I do want those things I’m not sure how important the time goals are to me right now.

So that being said, right now the things I want to work on this year are not goals in the SMART sense necessarily but they are things that if I can accomplish them will ultimately help me to be a better runner.

Here goes…

1) Run nutrition – I am really bad in that I don’t eat much or anything before or during a run so this year I’m working towards fueling my body properly for & during my long runs.

2) Running straight with no walk breaks. This one I’m getting better at but its a hard habit to break.

3) Mental toughness – I have a very hard time with this – I don’t want to give up but I do sometimes let the pain & fatigue take over.

4) Trail & hill running – I love being on the trails but I tend to avoid them because of the hills. This year I will embrace hill training!

5) Cross Train more regularly. I used to do Insanity when I was training for my first marathon & I loved it. I need to get back to doing more things like that.

6) Core work & increasing my glute strength. I have a lot of issues with a pain in my upper hamstring & glute area so this is essential to be pain free.

7) Continue to eat healthy & drink lots of water. I fall off every once in a while when it comes to sweets but I have determined that the best nutritional plan for me is one that is not super rigid. I will continue to eat loads of veggies but still enjoy pasta, other carbs & dessert a few times a week. Six pack abs are not in my future and that’s ok

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