#Teamseanandjenny Our Story

Since it is Valentine’s Day I thought it would be fitting to tell the story of how Sean & I met.

It was a dark and stormy night…no wait that’s another story lol. A little background first. As you all probably know my favorite social media is Instagram & way back, in 2012, our friend Rhea & I became instafriends. We liked each other’s posts, commented occasionally and then I decided to run the Rome Marathon & since Rhea had lived in Italy too we chatted more often. Then Meb won the Boston Marathon and Rock n Roll San Diego announced that Meb would be pacing the 1:35 half marathon pace group. And since Rhea is that fast or actually faster she decided to come down to SD.

On the flip side, Sean met Rhea earlier last year, I believe at the Carlsbad marathon after our other friend Vanessa posted on a running site looking for a place to stay in SD for the same race.

Also, just to make it more like fate, Sean & I have actually done a few of the same races over the years. Surf City & RnR San Diego for sure and there might have been others.

Back to the story…Rhea & I made plans to meet up for dinner the night before the race. I was with my running buddy Pete & she said there would be 3 of them on her side. I assumed a friend & her hubby but when we met up with them in Little Italy it was initially just Rhea & her friend Vanessa. Sean was running a bit late because he had done the Camp Pendleton mud run earlier in the day.

When he arrived he sat next to me & Rhea so we all spent a lot of time chatting. What he didn’t know until later though was that night was the first time Rhea & I met in person too.

We ended up walking down to the Harbor & we all chatted a bit more before heading out own ways to get ready for the race.


I’ve already recapped the race so I’ll skip all that, but that night when I got home I had a friend request from Sean & when I accepted he sent me a PM congratulating me on my PR.

Long story short we ended up texting pretty much everyday and since we were both going to be running in the San Francisco Marathon, me the first half, him the double marathon, we decided to meet up the Saturday before the race. July 26 would be our first official date :).


We packed 8 weeks of talking & not seeing each other into a 12 hour day and needless to say it was an amazing day! And we have spent the 6 months traveling, running & eating our way around the country since.


I feel like I am the luckiest girl in the world & I can’t wait to share the next 50+ years with him. We have a lot to do! #50yearplan #teamseanandjenny

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