Marathon Training: LA Marathon

So…here we are…Marathon #5 right around the corner and I’m not feeling entirely prepared yet again. I made a decision at the beginning of the year to not focus on time, but to enjoy the ride, which I have been. 

However this training cycle didn’t go exactly as planned. I started out good, but then a few things happened to get me off track.

December was really lazy, I did the Hot Chocolate 15k on the 7th and then didn’t run over 6 miles until the end of the month, when Sean and I ran 13.5 miles around San Francisco. 

Running over the Golden Gate Bridge

December: 11 runs 59.6 miles 

January was better – I started running more on the weekends doing back to back runs. Weekend 1 was 9 miles on Sat, 8 miles on Sun. Weekend 2 was 15 miles on Sat, 5.5 on Sun. Then we headed to Hawaii where I was supposed to pace Sean for at least 20 miles, but after he almost fell off the mountain there was no way he was going to let me out there. Especially since I have a huge fear of heights. We did however run at least 2 miles everyday we were there. 

I ended the month with a 10 mile run after work one day feeling a little better about getting in another semi long run. 

Heading to a waterfall near Hana on Maui

January: 22 runs 103 miles

February started out great with a 15 mile trail run on SuperBowl Sunday & then my one & only 20 mile run the next weekend. Sean & I went out for 13 miles to start off our Valentine’s Day. Then things got a bit of track yet again. I wanted to do another long run the next weekend but it just didn’t happen for a variety of reasons. The last week of February was the Phoenix Marathon & while I had great plans to run additional after my half marathon, it was freezing & I didn’t have another set of running clothes to warm me up. 

February: 16 runs 111 miles

March – well let’s not really talk about March lol. It’s already the 13th of the month and I’ve only run 25 miles with a nice 10 miles last weekend. 

I’m not sure what happened to my best laid plans but life got in the way. I know I am capable of running a marathon. I’ve already done 4 of them & while they haven’t all gone to plan, I know it’ll all work out. 

The LA Marathon is tomorrow & it is slated to break heat records with a current forecasted high of 91 so I don’t have any thoughts of PR. I just plan to enjoy the ride & hopefully take some photos along the way.  Whatever is meant to be will be, I’m just along for the ride

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