San Francisco Summer Solstice 6/12/24h Run Recap

About a week and a half ago, Sean & I headed up to San Francisco to do a different kind of race. The San Francisco Summer Solstice Run is a race that is based on running (or run/walking in my case) for a set number of hours vs a set distance.  It’s a unique type of run in that you can do whatever you want with the hours that you run/walk.  It’s put on by Pacific Coast Trail Runs, which does a lot trail races in the Bay Area.

We flew up to SF on Friday, unfortunately we were delayed because President Obama was flying around California which backs everything up.  We finally made it up around 7:30p, and happened to drive past SF City Hall, where we will be getting married in less than a month now.


We got checked into our hotel, went to carb up at a yummy Italian place down the street from where we stayed and then headed to Safeway to get a bunch of drinks for Sean since he was going to do the 24 hour run.  We happened to see a beautiful sunset on our way to Safeway, it was a super sunny nice evening and I was hoping that the weather would remain the same for the next day.  It was an amazing view.

San Francisco, Sunset, Summer

The run started relatively late on Saturday morning compared to a lot of the races we’ve done lately with an 8am start time.  Which meant we didn’t have to get up so so early.

We were able to leave the hotel at 7:30a ish and got to Chrissy Field within 10 minutes, scored an awesome parking spot, got our race swag, which was pretty nice.  A glass beer mug (we’ll are using our for smoothies) and a nice race shirt.  They had 2 different colors, grey & light blue and a women’s specific shirt too.  Sean & I both got the light blue.  Sean wore his for the first part of the race.

San Francisco, Summer Solstice, 24 hour run, Chrissy Field

The race started after a few quick race announcements by one of the race directors and then everyone was off.  Sean & I didn’t start together because he was going out a lot faster than me to get as many miles in as possible before it got too late and his ankle started hurting.  The Jester was there too, last year he set the world record for most number of 100 mile races in a year.

San Francisco, Summer Solstice, 24 hour run, Chrissy Field, start line, finish line

The interesting thing about this race is that it is a 1.061 mile loop around Chrissy Field.  Outside of running track back when I was in grade school/high school this is by far the shortest loop course I’ve ever run on.

There were 3 different times that you could participate in, 6 hour, which had 3 different starting times, 12 hours (2 start times) and 24 hours.  They had about 130 runners/walker, most of which started at 8am.

You could set up your own station, even with a small tent if you wanted, Sean had a cooler bag which we set up along with another bag with clothes so he could change as needed.

The weather wasn’t nearly as nice in the morning, it was pretty chilly and very foggy.  My iphone weather app said that it was supposed to be foggy all day, but that wasn’t the case, fortunately.  I took photos as the day progressed and this is what it was like when we were about an hour in.


We started out with hats and gloves on because the course is very interesting as far as the weather.  As we left Chrissy Field for the paved potion of the loop, it was super windy and pretty cold, for me at least, then we turned and it was still windy, but the next straight area, closer to the water, had very little wind so it was significantly & surprisingly warmer, which makes it interesting as far as clothing choices.

I took my gloves off at the end of the first loop, and my hat at the end of the second.  I did keep my long sleeve shirt on the whole race because as I got further along, I was pretty sweaty which was keeping me cool.  Although I did end up with a burnt neck because while I put sunscreen on my face, I forgot my neck, oops. Rocking my nuun truckerhat.


As far as my run went, I started out ok, just some mild pain in my hamstring.  I ran the first 3 miles without stopping.  They had a nice aid station at the start of the loop so I really didn’t need to bring anything since I was just doing the 6 hour run.

At mile 4 & 5 I took a few sips from my water bottle and kept going, I think around mile 6 I picked up my bottle and started running with it.  It was just easier so I could drink whenever I wanted.  I would refill my bottle at the aid station and eat some watermelon when I would see it.

I was doing ok up until about mile 13 when I started getting some real pain in my upper hamstring.  I finally stopped to stretch it out a bit at around mile 17 and that’s when I knew I was going to have to start walking.

As I left the aid station area, with tears running down my cheeks from the pain, I was proud of myself for making it almost 17 miles this time vs 8 at M2B but I knew it was time to admit that I needed a break.  As much as I would like to be like Sean and be able to run 100s of miles on little training with very few rest days (he’s really amazing), my body needs a bit more rest.

However, because of the type of race this is, I didn’t feel horrible about walking, so I revised my goals and I decided I would had to at least get in a marathon and see if I could get further, I had just under 3 hours .

That first loop wasn’t easy and had a bunch of tears, but once I sucked it up and kept going, I met and chatted with a lot of really awesome other runners.  I was talking with an older man who was doing the 24 hour run, he was really funny and telling me stories about sparkling cider bottle caps hitting the ceiling.  Then I was talking to another guy who was telling me about some options for dealing with my hamstring, then another lady who was taking a walk break and was like if I’m going to walk, I need to walk as fast as you, lol.

By this point it was getting a little sunny 🙂 These were my shots around noon.


There was another younger girl who was walking as well and I was trying to catch her for a while, she gave me a great idea to speed walk using my arms.  Funny enough, a little sidebar here, when I first started doing distance races back when I went to Indiana University, well 5ks, which at the time for someone who only ran the 400 meters, is a really long way, I did a little speed walking myself.  True speed walking is not the same as just walking fast.

So I just kept moving, changing my music to fast, upbeat songs and trying to move as fast as I could.  I would calculate in my head how much time I had and how many loops I could do before I hit the 6 hours.

The nice thing about this race is that they counted your laps for you, there was a TV screen that you could see what your time was and how many laps you did every time you passed thru.


In the end I was able to do 27 loops, which was just over 27 miles, which technically puts me at my 2nd ultra race 🙂 which is anything over a marathon.  Originally I wanted to hit at least 30 miles, but considering the amount of time I walked, I’m so happy to have finished as much as I did.


Sean did amazing, when I went for dinner with my sister, who lives in the Bay Area, he was at 53 miles at around 5pm and it was a beautiful, sunny afternoon.  We would be gone for about 3 hours, I know, but traffic in SF is horrible, it was sooo foggy, you couldn’t even see the Golden Gate Bridge, and he was at about mile 65/66.  His mom came and ran with him for a loop and then we would cheer him on every loop from there out.

IMG_6569 IMG_6520 FullSizeRender-1

When they left around 9:30p or so, I left to go get some more Ensure for Sean.  When I came back, I ran/walked 3 loops with him before I got too hot, I was wearing a lot of layers and I didn’t want to get too sweaty because I didn’t have a lot of extra clothes to change into if I was going to stay all night.

I decided to go take a short nap and then was going to go back out to keep him company.  It was about 11:30p at this point.  I went to the car and had just fallen asleep when I was awaken by a knock on the door and Sean was telling me he was done.  I was like you hit a 100 miles? He said no, he got to 75 laps/79.9 miles and called it a night.  It was around 12:30am.  By that point he was exhausted, his feet and ankle weren’t doing great and he had a bunch of blisters on his toes.

After I fully woke up, I got myself together and drove us back to the hotel.  We attempted to sleep because we had to meet up with the florist we would be working with for our wedding in the morning.  It was definitely a long day.

Two very tired but happy people on Sunday :).

IMG_6581 IMG_6585

All in all this was a unique run/race, would I do it again?  Hum…I’m not sure, I wish that the loop was just a little longer, maybe 3 miles to keep you from getting bored.  But it was, once it got nice out, a beautiful location, overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and downtown San Francisco.

Since I finished my race, I got a cute coaster that has the race info on it and for the first 6 hour group, I was one lap off tying for 3rd woman overall, which was really amazing considering, I also got 3rd in my age group for my 8am start group.  I believe that I ended up 21 overall and 4th in my age group for 6 hour finishers.

San Francisco, Summer Solstice, 6hr endurance run

Pros: Great Race Team/Aid Station Volunteers
Flat course
Cooler temps
Great race swag
Ability to set up a tent & mini aid station of your own


Cons: Lots of other runner/walker/cyclists on the course
Super windy weather conditions
One mile loop gets monotonous very quickly

Notes: Wear gators, 2/3s of the course is trail and the little rocks get in your shoes, I had to empty out my shoes at least 4 times.  Having a chair is a great idea, since we flew up, obviously that made it a bit of a challenge to have the appropriate gear

Crewing: San Diego 100

On Jun 6 & 7 I crewed for Sean when he ran the San Diego 100 mile ultra race.  This was my second time crewing for Sean, although this experience was much much different than when we were in Hawaii.  Read about crewing the HURT 100 here.

I was out of town most of last week or I would probably have gotten things prepared a bit earlier in the week.  Fortunately Sean’s co-worker and friend C was going to crew with me and she is an experienced camper with lots of supplies.  I on the other hand have only ever camped at a Ragnar Trail event and I would really call that roughing it, lol.

I did however make Sean go get his drop bag supplies on Thursday so we weren’t up until midnight on Friday night only to have to get up at 3am to drive over to Cuyamaca Park (about 45 minutes from our house).  He doesn’t take a ton of stuff with him, mostly beverages, like Monster, Ginger Ale, Mountain Dew & Ensure.  Food wise, he only brought Starburst, M&M’s, Oreos and a few granola bars, none of which he ate.

Sean ran this race last year, I remember it being the week after we met and he put up a link to track him and I tracked him all night, it seemed so exciting to me that he was running so far and so long.

We got up around 3:15am, I got all the gear in the car, got gas and waited for Sean to get ready to go.  I drove us up to the start at Lake Cuyamaca, we arrived right around 4:50am, in time for Sean to get his bib and goodie bag.  While he did that, I put his drop bags in the appropriate piles.  They had a nice set-up where you put all the bags into bins for each of the 5 drop sites.  It was a beautiful morning.



We saw a few of Sean’s friends, including one of his pacers from last year who was running his first 100 this year.  The ultra community is still pretty small so it’s fun to see people you know at each race.


The runners made their way over to the start and they requested that we, spectators & crew, move to the side since there were over 200 runners in the race.  I was able to get an awesome video of the start and then they were off.

I didn’t really read the paperwork that well, because apparently crew wasn’t supposed to see the runners until mile 23.  I got lucky though because one of our friends offered for C & I to camp out at one of the sites they had so I just headed over to the camp grounds, parked & walked over to the Paso Picacho area.  I met up with Smita @runningwithsd on Instagram (her photo below) and some others who were volunteering with the Runningskirts ladies.  We would see them a lot over the next 26 hours as their runners were right around the same time as Sean.

running skirts, aid station, SD100, San Diego, Ultra run, Paso Pichaco

I would see our friend Jeff come in, then not too long after Sean came in right in front of the women’s winner, who incidentally, was wearing a iRun hat, I saw Mark the owner of iRun as well.  It was quite the party and cool to see a bunch of people that I knew.  It was only mile 7 but Sean was looking good & strong.  I said hi, he grabbed a few pieces of watermelon, filled up his bottles and was off heading up Stonewall.


After watching & cheering everyone on, I decided to go for a run myself since I would have some time before meeting Sean at mile 23.  I hiked up Stonewall Peak, it was getting pretty warm by this point and it was only 8am!  I got to the top, took a few photos and then ran down.  There were a ton of rocks, which made me wonder how Sean was doing because I was having a hard time and my ankle was in great shape.


I made it over to mile 23 just in time to see Sean come into the Sunrise aid station.  We’d be back here at mile 79.  There was a ton of parking at this aid station and it was pretty much a party.  I got Sean some Monster from his drop bag, he got an ice water soaked Buff from the Running Skirts ladies and then was off again.

SD100, ultra race, Sunrise aid station, running skirts, san diego

Right after I got back to my car, as I was posting photos of Sean, C texted to let me know she’d arrived and was at the finish area.  So I headed back to pick her up and then we would meet Sean at mile 30 Pioneer Mail 1.  We got super lucky and a spot for a small had opened up so we could park in the lot vs on the street at the top of the hill.

By this point the sun was up and it was hot.  There is not much shade at all on this course and I heard people saying that this part was like a desert.  We again saw our friend Jeff come in and then about 20 minutes later Sean came in.  He was doing awesome, but he was asking for Ensure and unfortunately we didn’t have enough for all the drop bags and there wasn’t any in this bag…He was chowing down on watermelon and orange slices and getting more water in his bottles.  The aid stations are packed with all sorts of snacks but he didn’t want to be weighed down with the heavier items.

SD100, Pioneer Mail 1 Aid Station, ultra run

We saw him off and then headed to mile 44 Red Tail Roost.  We would get here so early that we weren’t quite sure where to park and they would change the entrance to the aid station while we were getting set up.  We found an awesome spot at the entrance to the aid station, set up our chairs and waited.  We were able to see the 2nd male come thru and then it was kinda slow going for a while.

At HURT, pacers didn’t have to wear a bib, but they did here so I was a little concerned on how to get Sean’s first pacer the bib, since he was going to park at the campsite and we were quite a ways from there and needed to get back to see Sean at the next aid station (we wouldn’t be able to see him for 21 miles after that), fortunately Jeff’s brother just happened to be arriving at Red Tail Roost at the same time I was texting him so I was able to get him the bib and could relax a bit :).

While we were waiting for Sean, I would meet a girl who went to grade school with him.  She recognized me from Facebook and there crewing for her husband who did awesome!  Jeff came in and then after a bit, Sean was there.  We got some pics of him running in, got him some more monster, told him we’d see him at the next aid station, where even though it was early, we would have to give him his night gear because we wouldn’t be able to see him again until mile 72, and then got him going again.

SD 100, Mile 44, San Diego, Lake Cuyamaca

We got to the mile 51 aid station, which was a bit strange in the fact that the runners would run past the actual aid station to a fence, run back and then they could stop.  It was hear that I would see Mark from iRun come thru and unfortunately drop as he had broken a toe and could barely walk – he still did amazing!!  We saw Jeff come in and helped him get more water and got him out to the next station – we texted his brother who would be pacing him for 32 miles from mile 56 so he knew he was coming.


Soon, Sean would come in, we got him his headlamp, his Patagonia vest,  Northface jacket and a few long sleeve shirts.  He was still wearing his Altra Superiors.  There weren’t any drop bags at this location so he just got some more water and headed off.  He was quite disappointed that we wouldn’t see him for 21 miles.  Especially since it was thru the hardest part of the course and most of it would be in the dark.

SD 100, Meadows Aid Station, ultra run

Brian, Sean’s pacer didn’t have good cell signal so we wouldn’t really hear from them during this stretch.  We knew we would have quite a bit of time until we saw them next so we headed back to the start/finish area to get our sleeping bags and some food for dinner. C had so much camping gear, she really was awesome, I was so not prepared, lol.  She had a little propane burner, like the ones we used for the omelet stations when I worked in hotels.


We made it back to Pioneer Mail (mile 72.1) where we were super early, it was still light out when we got there so we were able to get a spot in the lot by the aid station and set up our camp.  We had a great dinner of soup, salad, rolls and then oreo’s for dessert :).  We were able to watch a few people come in before it got too dark.  At this point, I figured it was going to be close to midnight by the time Sean got to us and since I didn’t have a great cell signal, I would set my alarm periodically so I would be up to see what was going on.  We sat on our chairs in our sleeping bags attempting to sleep, I know I didn’t sleep well, I would hear noises and see lights periodically as the runners would come in.  I think I was so worried about missing Sean when he came in I didn’t sleep much.


C would take a bathroom break and see Jeff come in, he was doing awesome.  It was probably close to 1:00am when Sean would get there – this was a really tough section that was really technical and had a ton of rocks.  He did great but his feet were really beat up and he would switch to his Altra Lone Peaks for the next 7 miles.  He was looking pretty tired and a bit loopy, but we forced him to eat some food and got him going again.  And away they went…

We headed off to mile 79 (Sunrise) where we would try to get a bit more sleep, I got really cold during this time so I was pretty much half asleep.  Surprisingly it was actually warmer outside than it felt like in the car.  Sean’s second pacer, Kat, the amazing @smushtush was going to pace him the rest of the way so we met up with her and waited for Sean to come in, which would be around 3:40ish am.  We’d change his shoes again, this time to the Altra Olympus which he would run in the rest of the way.  He was walking a lot during this section and really babying the ankle.  It was right around 4am when he would leave this aid station with Kat.






We weren’t able to see them again until mile 88 but we had to take Brian back to his car and then we would head to Chambers 2 the next aid station.  Since it was about 8 miles, we figured we had a few hours to try and sleep.  I did actually sleep for about an hour or so during this break, but I woke up in a rush thinking I had missed him.  We headed down to the water where we would wait for them to come in.  It’s pretty cool at this point because you are seeing a lot of the same people and you can get an idea of when your runner will be there based on who is coming in.

Sean & Kat were walking when they came in so I wasn’t sure how things were going, but he went to the bathroom, got some more Monster, pancake & bacon sandwiches and we gave him a clean short sleeve shirt and he was feeling a lot better.  When they left us, he was running, slowly, but he was running and they had plenty of time to get to the next aid station even with a few climbs to go.

SD100, Chambers Aid Station, ultra run

Next station would be back at Paso Picacho (94.4) which was the same as the first aid station.  They would be coming down Stonewall to the campground. Kat texted us to say they were about 1.5 miles out and then 2 minutes later was like oops, we are actually here.  She was like he ran the entire section which was awesome.  Amazing what some sun and bacon can do!!  He filled up his bottles, got some ice in his hat along with some cold water on his neck wrap – ate some more bacon and then headed out.  They were only 7 miles away!!

SD 100, Aid Station, Mile 93, Paso Pichaco

Back to the finish area we went.  We had a few hours so we sorted the gear in our cars, got everything packed up and headed to the finish line to wait for them.  It was so awesome seeing the runners come in at the finish.

We figured they would be coming relatively soon as we saw some of the other runners a little ahead of Sean come in so we went down to the trail to see if we could get some photos before going to the finish line to get his photo.  Kat texted us when they were about 2 miles out so we had an idea of when they would be there.  It was interesting because there weren’t any runners for quite a while so didn’t know where they were coming from.  Finally we saw someone come out of the trees and we knew where to watch.

Kat took some photos of Sean during this section which was awesome since Sean didn’t use his phone at all during the race.


It wasn’t too much longer and then we saw them coming out of the trees!  I ran down to get a few photos and then sprinted up to the finish line so I could get a finish line photo.  And there he was…I’m so incredibly proud of him.  This was not an easy race and was made even harder due to the ankle sprain 2 weeks prior.

SD100, Finish Line, Ultra run, 100 miles

We took a few photos, Sean got some awesome finish gear and then sat down to relax.  I think he deserved it – lol.  They had some hot dogs, chili, soup and cookies as post race food.  We got Sean some and watched some more runners come in before heading home.

Fortunately for Sean, I really enjoy crewing for his races, because while it is a fun, exciting and rewarding experience, it does make for a long weekend of hurry up and wait and little to no sleep.  But seeing your runner come in and finish after running for over 28 hours is priceless.  If you have the opportunity to crew &/or pace, do it!  And if you want to crew or pace with Team Nakamura, I’d love the company, lol.

SD100, Finish Line, Ultra Race, 100 miles, San Diego

Rock n’ Roll San Diego Race Recap 2015

I was so crazy busy last week I didn’t have a chance to get this recap up until now.  This is my third time running Rock n’Roll San Diego.  See last years recap here. Since Sean & I met the day before this race last year, we will most likely be running this race more frequently since it is an important race in our relationship :).

This year we started the weekend by heading to a shake-out run with some of the awesome Pro Compression ambassadors and other runners on Saturday morning at Mission Bay. It was a great way to get our shake-out run in and meet some awesome new runner friends.

Rock n' Roll, Marathon, Half Marathon, San Diego, Pro Compression, shakeout run, we run social

After the shake-out run, we headed downtown to the Convention Center to pick up our packets.  I ran the 1/2 marathon & Sean ran the marathon.  It didn’t take long to pick them up and then we took a tour of the expo.

Rock n'roll series, marathon, half marathon, san diego, expo

We grabbed tons of Suja samples, unfortunately this year they weren’t handing out bottles like they were last year, but it was still nice to have some samples.  We hit up the Maui Jim booth to get our sunglasses cleaned.  We snacked on a bunch of snacks and most importantly, hit up the Altra booth.  I have about 10 pairs of running shoes, but the ones I wanted to wear didn’t make it back to San Diego with me after my trip to St. Louis.  They had The One2 on sale so I grabbed a new pair and Sean got a pair of the new One 2.5’s to try out too.

We decided to pay for parking down by the finish so we didn’t have to walk back to our car after the race.  We weren’t sure how Sean’s ankle would hold up during the race so he didn’t want to walk too much extra.  They sold the parking pass & shuttle for $15 + an additional $5 for extra shuttle tickets.

After the expo, we went to Richard Walker’s Pancake House for brunch, OMG, the Apple Pancake…soooo yummy.

Richard Walker Pancake House, Pancackes, Brunch, Apple Pancake

We were going to have to get up pretty early on Sunday morning to get down to catch the shuttle so we got some pizza for dinner, I got my flat Jenny photo and then relaxed.  This was our first race at home together.

Flat Jenny, runnylegs, race outfit, rock n' roll, san diego, marathon, half marathon

3:30am came early…but we eventually made it out the door by around 4:45am I think…I know it was later than I wanted, I like being early, I hate waiting around in traffic, but Sean isn’t a morning person so we have a little give and take :).

We finally got downtown and there was a ton of traffic. We eventually got a spot at the Hilton garage, which was nice.  However we went to catch the shuttle, and the line was crazy long. Like probably over a thousand people.  We just kept walking and walking and walking and finally we go to the end of the line.  At this point, it was a little after 5am and I was worried that we wouldn’t make it to the start in time for Sean’s race to start at 6:15am so we made the executive decision to walk the 2 miles up to the start.

I think the shuttle situation was a huge fail on Rock n’ Roll’s part.  They even extended the start of the marathon most likely because the shuttles were so late.

I headed up to the start with Sean, wished him luck and then went to the front to watch the start.  I saw Harriette Thompson, the 92 year old who was running and would become the oldest women to run a marathon, in 7 hr 24 min!  As well as others, including Sean.

Rock n' roll series, marathon, san diego, 2015

Harriette Thompson, San Diego, Rock n' Roll, Marathon, start

Afterwards I would drop off my gear bag at the UPS trucks, hit up the port-a-potties one more time and then headed off to my corral.  Because I was planning on running a much faster race when I signed up, I was in corral 4.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, running wise, I really had no goals for this race especially since the race the last week didn’t go well as all.

San Diego, Rock n' Roll, marathon, half marathon, 2015

I just decided to go my own pace and not worry about time or anyone else although that is pretty much my MO all the time LOL.  It was a pretty overcast day although pretty humid.  Being overcast is never pretty, but it is nice to run in because you don’t have the heat of the sun beating down on you.


The race takes you around the city and this year, I recognized some of the areas from places Sean & I have gone :).  That was kind of cool.  The race starts in Balboa Park, goes thru Hillcrest, Normal Heights, around North & South Park and then back thru the opposite side of the park before heading to near Petco Park.

It’s funny how I recognized places, near the DMV where I got my license & farmers market, we ran down the hill where Sean & I parked when we went to Great Maple for Maple Bacon Donuts, near South Park where Eclipse Cafe is.  Notice a theme here?  Most of my memories revolve around food ;).

Back to my race, I started out running pretty easy, I had some issues at the OC half so I wanted to be conservative with this race.  I only walked one time outside of water stations and managed to run pretty even splits even with walking through most of the water stations.

My slowest miles were 3, 4 & 5 and I ran the last 3 miles much faster than the first 3.

Overall this race went really well and I really enjoyed it.  I didn’t have any major issues and my hamstring had just a mild ache but wasn’t super painful.

I have to say I was really proud of myself for running almost the whole race, I was actually quite surprised because I was expecting to walk most of it and even though I was about 11 minutes slower than last year, I really enjoyed running this race.

San Diego, Rock n' Roll, marathon, half marathon, 2015

I got my medal, lots of yummy treats and then changed into dry clothes, almost starting crying when I saw my brand new Lululemon shirt got stained from the safety pins on my bib.  Oh, no :(.  Thank goodness I was able to get the rust stains out by using half of a lemon.

Rock n' Roll series, san diego, marathon, half marathon, post race food

I waited for Sean to finish his race, we got his marathon finisher jacket and then headed to Petco Park to watch the concert at the end of the race.  This was the first time I’ve gone to the post race concert and it was super cool.  We saw O.A.K perform while sitting out in the outfield.  And we got bottles of Suja juice, one of our favorite post race treat 🙂

Post Race, Concert, Rock N Roll, Marathon, Half Marathon, Petco Park

Suja, Juice, San Diego, Rock n' roll, Marathon, Half Marathon, post race, concert

Pros: Awesome expo
Very organized race
Nice medal
The concert was a lot of fun

Altra running, The One2, The One 2.5, San Diego, Rock n'Roll, Marathon, Half Marathon

Cons: The shuttle situation

We signed up for 2016 at the expo and got a cool shirt as well as an awesome pre-sale race price :).  I’d say we’ll be making this a yearly race.

Post Race Photo

National Running Day 2015

Happy  National Running Day!!!  I’m linking up with Jonesin’ for a run and Kristen has some questions that I’m excited to answer.  I’d love to hear your answers too.

If you are looking for a group run or more info check out   This year they are giving you the option to track your run/walk through Charity Miles.

And lastly, Nuun is also doing a virtual run with Motigo where you can get audio cheers from friends and family, maybe even Kara Goucher or Kevin, Nuun CEO.  Or you might even win prizes while out on your 5k or longer run. Sign-up & download the Motigo app to participate. By signing up you will also receive 1 free week of Motigo.

Why do you run?
Why do I run…for a lot of reasons, but mostly because it makes me happy.  I have a stressful job and it also helps me to stay sane.  As one of my co-workers told me last week…I run because punching people is frowned upon LOL.

How do you plan to celebrate National Running Day? 
I’ll be in Phoenix to start my day, but Sean & I plan to run down by the San Diego Harbor as soon as I land.

How many miles have you run so far this year?

What big events do you have on the race calendar so far this year?
Big events for the rest of the year…San Francisco 1/2 marathon the day before our wedding…Venice Marathon on our honeymoon in Venice Italy!

Before I leave for a run you must have:
Chapstick and water

Do you have one favorite app to track your runs?
Nike Plus

Who is your favorite running partner?
That’s an easy one…my love Sean @ultrarunnersd 

What races have you ran so far this year?
I’ve done a lot of them…
May 31, 2015 – Suja Rock n’ Roll San Diego 1/2 Marathon – San Diego, CA
May 24, 2015 – Mountains to Beach Marathon – Ventura, CA
May 3, 2015 – OC Half Marathon – Newport Beach, CA
Apr 18, 2015 – Leona Divide 50k – Green Valley, CA (Angeles National Forest)
Mar 15, 2015 – Asics LA Marathon – Los Angeles, CA
Feb 28, 2015 – Phoenix Marathon 1/2 Marathon – Mesa, AZ
Feb 7, 2015 – Runners Den AZ Pancake Run 5k – Phoenix, AZ
Feb 1, 2015 – Xterra McDowell Mountain 15 mile – Fountain Hills, AZ

If you had to give someone one piece of advice about running what would it be?
Have fun!!

Describe your relationship with running in one word:
Complicated 🙂

Feel free to answer as many as you would like – I’d love to hear what you are doing to celebrate!

Have a fabulous run!