#1MillionMinutes Mad Lib with Puritan’s Pride

fitapproach, puritan's pride, sweat pinkI’m so Fired Up [adj] to fuel my #1MillionMinutes goals with Puritan’s Pride! All summer I plan to run, stretch and eat [verb] my way to a healthier, fitter me, and I’ll need help staying hydrated and fueled during all my traveling [adj] adventures!

I will make sure I stay on track and will rely on  water, fruits & veggies and lean protein [noun] to keep me well fueled before, during and after workouts, and my fruit infuser water bottle [noun] to keep me hydrated!

I’m most excited to try All Natural Veggie Protein in Vanilla (product) and Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (product) from Puritan’s Pride because they look like they are super clean(adj).

One supplement I’ve never tried but am curious about is D-Ribose [noun]. I think it might make me have a better recovery after long & hard runs![adj].

Bring it, #1MillionMinutes! I’m ready to go!


This post is sponsored by Puritan’s Pride. All opinions are my own. We so appreciate you supporting the brands who support Fit Approach and the #sweatpink community! 

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