Nuun Hydration Virtual #runridehydrate 10k Race Recap

As a nuunbassador I was given the opportunity to participate in the inaugural #runridehydrate virtual race put on by Nuun Hydration.  You could either run a 5k, 10k or bike 15 miles over the 4th of July holiday weekend.  Runners/cyclists could participate anytime from Jul 2 – 5.

The virtual race cost $31.50 + a small fee and included an awesome gender specific T-shirt, a medal, race bib (with pins), a sample of nuun, tattoos and a cool sticker and benefited Girls on the Run.

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They set up a private Facebook page for all the participants to share photos and their experience and used Gametiime to for tracking.

Nuun sent us our race packets in the mail, they were really good about sending us an email with the tracking information and sent emails to let us know when to expect our packets.

I got mine right on schedule and I have to say that was the easiest packet pick-up ever.  I opened it up and took everything out and then realized that they even included safety pins with was awesome!

So what was I going to do for my race?  That was the question I was asking myself as well, especially when 2 days before the race, I could barely run 2 miles.  I was anticipating just going out and hiking or walking the 6.2 miles.

On Thursday, Sean & I decided to meet up at Mission Bay, a nice flat place to run, and it was a beautiful evening so we set out for what I was expecting to be a short 2 mile run.  We got to 1.33 miles and decided to go to 1.5 before turning around.  Then I was like let’s go to the bridge and I should be able to get at least a 5k in for the race.  Sean was like well do you want to just keep going and do the full 10k tonight so you can get it over with?  So, off we went.


It was an absolutely beautiful night and there weren’t very many people out there to have to weave around.  I just kept running, even when it was a little painful in my hamstring/glute.  We kept going and then eventually I asked Sean to take a few photos while I was running, because of course I had to document the race ;).


We passed by the boats, then came up on the bridge, and then we were almost to the finish, or the parking lot where we started.


And then we were done! And I’m super super proud of myself for running the whole race/run without stopping.  I definitely earned this medal.



Have you ever done a virtual race?  Why do you? Or what would make you want to do one?

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