#TeamSeanandJenny: Lake Tahoe Food: Bite American Tapas

As most of you know, Sean & I are serious foodies and we love to try new places.  We found a super yummy Tapas place in Incline Village, NV called Bite American Tapas.  We ended up eating there twice, mostly because it was so yummy, but also because it was close to where we were each night.

We tried a bunch of different foods over the 2 days, although there was one thing that was sooo good we had to have it twice.  What was it?  You’ll have to read down to see. 🙂

The menu is broken down into 5 sections, snacks, soup and salad, sliders, share plates & sides.

We didn’t try any of the snacks but we tried at least one thing from each of the other sections.

Butter Lettuce Salad
Beets, Grapefruit, Fennel, Red Onion, Candied Pecans, Goat Cheese, Rice Wine Vinaigrette

Bite American Tapas, Butter Lettuce Salad, Tapas, Lake tahoe
I thought this was a great salad, I’m not normally a fan of beets but these were amazing! Super soft and didn’t taste earthy like they normally do.  The only thing I didn’t really like was the fennel, not really my thing.
Chinese Chicken Salad
Fulton Valley Chicken, Mandarins, Crispy Wontons, Five Spiced Cashews, Carrot, Ginger Vinaigrette
Bite American Tapas, Chinese Chicken Salad, Tapas, Lake Tahoe
This one, I didn’t like very much.  I ate a little of it, but not my favorite.
BLT Sliders
Bacon, Maine LOBSTER, Roasted Tomato
Bite American Tapas, BLT Sliders, Bacon, Lobster, Tomato, Lake Tahoe, Tapas
This is hands down the best thing I ate all weekend.  Wow! The combination of super crispy bacon and the Maine lobster was amazing!  I could have eaten a dozen of these.
Share Plates:
Grilled Wild Fresh Catch Silver Dollar Tacos – Mahi Mahi
Cabbage, Radish Slaw, Chipotle Aioli, Lime
Bite American Tapas, Fish Tacos, Tapas, Lake Tahoe
They used Mahi Mahi that night and they were yummy, but I think the fact that I had just eaten the amazing BLT before made them not as remarkable.  There were enough though that Sean & I were each able to have 2.
House Cut Sweet Potato Fries – Creole Maple Mustard
Yum! These had some spices on them that really gave them a nice & different flavor
 Bite American Tapas, Sweet Potato Fries, Tapas, Lake Tahoe
House Cut Paper Thin Onion Rings
These were so paper thin they were almost see-thru.  They were also yummy.
 Bite American Tapas, Onion Rings, Tapas, Lake Tahoe
Warm Apple Turnover Bites with Crème Anglaise
These were ok, I had much higher expectations but they were warm and made in house.
 Bite American Tapas, Apple Turnovers, Tapas, Lake Tahoe
Bite Ice Cream Sandwiches
I actually like these better, but I wish the cookies were warm vs. cold
Bite American Tapas, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Lake Tahoe, Tapas
Overall this was a great place and I fully recommend it.  We really enjoyed our meals there and if you have a chance to check it out definitely get the BLT Sliders!


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