#TeamSeanandJenny Travel: Lake Tahoe

This past weekend Sean ran the Tahoe Rim Trail 100m race for the second time.  He ran this race last year as well and since I’m able to work remotely, I headed up to Reno/Tahoe to crew for him.  This started a 3 week stretch of races for us, TRT100, The SF Marathon & most importantly our wedding!! followed up with Sean running the Angeles Crest (AC) 100.

This is my first visit to Lake Tahoe so we found a few Starbuck’s for me to work out of today but still managed to get in a little site seeing :), most of which we did after 4pm and when I was essentially off the clock.

IMG_7923 IMG_7926

We got our run on at Diamond Peak, where we went all the way up the mountain to 8,540 ft. about 1,700 feet of climb within 2 miles.  Sean ran pretty much the entire way up, such a beast!! I’m so proud of him, while I hiked up.  It was tough and probably made even tougher by the fact that my asthma does not like steep hills or altitude.  Things to work on, I hope that if I do them enough, it’ll get at least a little easier. Although in my defense, we were at altitude, at 8,500k so that didn’t do me any favors either.  But if nothing else, it’s great training for my next 50k, TNFECUT in late September.

The views were so amazing and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to go up the mountain.  It was definitely a challenge and I can’t imagine having to go up it twice, once after 30 miles and a second time after 80 miles!

IMG_7820 IMG_8307

We were fortunate that it was cloudy when we went up so that it was a bit cooler, as we got closer to the top, it got even colder.


We jogged down, which wasn’t as easy as it seems, with it being so steep, it was a lot of slow running almost sideways so not to slip and fall down the mountain.  The next day, my quads were quite sore from the downhill.

IMG_7910 IMG_8311

And then we were down at the ski lodge again, it was time for some food and then a beautiful sunset!


It was an awesome day & I’m glad that I got to see the place where Sean has done a lot of running.


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