REVIEW: Prana Meme Pants

Disclosure: I received a pair of PrAna Meme Pants to try & review as part of my association with FitApproach/SweatPink and their #liveinprana #7daystretch Instagram series.  All opinions are my own.

I work from home with the exception of a few days a month so I live in athletic gear.  I very rarely ever wear real clothes and haven’t bought anything outside of running gear, with the exception of wedding stuff, since I moved to SD in March.  So when I had a change to try a pair of PrAna’s new fall pants, I jumped at the chance.

Not only do they look like “real” clothes, they can also be used for traveling, hiking, climbing, walking so they fit my fitness requirement but also allow me to look a little more polished :).  And best part, they are wrinkle resistant! For all those of us who hate ironing, this is a huge plus.

I had the opportunity to pick from 3 different styles of pants, all part of PrAna’s fall 2015 line.   Sean & I went back and forth on the website trying to decide between the Halle Pant (available in lined & unlined) which is a more relaxed fit, slightly wider legged pant, the Monarch Convertible Pant, which can be worn as shorts or pants or the Meme Pant, a more fitted pant.  After going back and forth multiple times trying to pick, I decided that the Meme Pant was the style that most fit my aesthetic and style.

Immediately when I saw the style pant I was going to be reviewing, I thought that the Meme Pant would be perfect for when Sean & I go to Italy in the fall.  We are planning on hiking/running in the Dolomiti and everyone knows that Italians are very fashion forward so I thought that the Meme Pant would allow me to fit right in :).

Prana, Meme Pant, Zion, Fitapproach, #7daystretch, #liveinprana

These pants are made with a special stretch Zion fabric.

From the PrAna website…<<The Story Of Stretch Zion

It started with the idea to design the ultimate pant for climbers and outdoor adventurers—something rugged and durable, yet lightweight and flexible enough to move with you. But before we designed the pant, we needed the right material. At the time, stretch woven fabrics were hard to come by, so we worked with a fabric yarn supplier to create something new. After much trial and error, Stretch Zion was born.

Light, durable, and breathable, this unique stretch fabric is also wrinkle resistant, quick drying, and DWR coated to repel water and spills. It’s still a favorite among climbers and adventurers (just like its namesake, the Zion National Park). But really, Stretch Zion is great for anyone from travelers to weekend warriors, businessmen to trailblazers.>>

Now, I received my pants, right as SD was in the midst of it’s hottest week of the year and we have no air conditioning so it was a bit too warm for me to wear my pants for too long, but I did wear them to brunch on Sunday and they were super cute and comfortable.

The Meme Pant is a mid-rise pant with the traditional 5 pockets in front & back, a fitted leg and cargo pockets on the legs.  They have a 31in inseam (size 4), so they aren’t super long, but with the tapered fitted leg you won’t want the too long. I’m 5’8 and they hit me right at the ankle bone, which is perfect. They remind me of a legging and fit as such.

Prana, Meme Pant, Zion, Fitapproach, #7daystretch, #liveinprana

After looking at the sizing chart, I decided on a size 6, which fits pretty well.  There is a little room in the waist, but it’s very minimal and I don’t like to have my pants too tight on the belly so I’m happy with the fit.  Plus I’m not sure how, given all the not so clean food I’ve been eating, but I seem to have lost a few pounds so once I gain those lbs back I’m sure they will fit perfectly :).

There are 4 different colors to choose from, Black, Cargo Green, Deep Teal & Quartz.  That was a tough decision, I wavered between the Deep Teal and Quartz but ultimately choose the Quartz because it was a bit more versatile. And, it had a very cool diamond pattern on it.  And isn’t their packaging cute?

Prana, Fitapproach, #7daystretch, #liveinprana, #zion

I’m really looking forward to including these in my wardrobe for when it gets a bit cooler and I can’t wait to take them to the Italian Alps with me!

Want to try PrAna for yourself?  Use code…LiveInprAnaF15JLRL to save 15%

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