REVIEW: SLS3 Butterfly Compression Socks & Giveaway

Disclosure: I was given a pair of SLS3 Butterfly Compression Socks to review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

At the beginning of August I was asked to try a pair of SLS3 compression socks or sleeves and write a review of them.

I immediately went to the website because I wasn’t familiar with this brand, and they not only make compression socks & sleeves but triathlon gear.  Tri race suits, shorts, tops & accessories for both men & women.

I went right to the compression page and immediately knew which style I was going to choose.  But socks or sleeves? Decisions, Decisions…

First, who is SLS3?  From their website, SLS3 started when in 2004 two German pro triathletes that met, fell in love and with a passion & very little money started a brand.  They started out only making the 4 essentials needed to complete a triathlon, suit, shorts, top and one kind of compression sock.  Those 4 items though were made with great care, attention to detail, German precision and a hefty dose of passion for the sport.

As they grew, they started to add more pieces, styles, etc. in response to customer requests.  Based in California, the majority of their products are made in the USA, which allows them to have a very small carbon footprint, create & sustain jobs and partner with other small businesses.

Now, let’s talk about what can compression do for you?

From the SLS3 website…

Compression garments like compression socks, compression sleeves and compression shorts help your body perform and recover better. Whether in training or racing, compression clothing helps delay and reduce the onset of muscle fatigue, prevents post-exercise soreness and evacuates metabolic waste products such as lactic acid by increasing the flow rate of the blood in the venous system. Improved blood circulation back to the heart results in faster new oxygen supply in your muscles.

SLS3 has 3 different styles of compression socks & sleeves.

The FXC Running Compression Sock, which features:

20-30 mmHG of true graduated compression for increased blood circulation, muscle oxygenation and stability
Mid sole air cooling channels for perfect moisture control
Left and right foot specific shape plus separate knitting zones for optimal fit
Seamless TekWeb technology to prevent blisters
Padding in pressure areas: Ball, heel, achilles, top of arch for shock absorption and protection
Antimicrobial fibers for odor control
Cooling effect and UV protection

The FXC Butterfly Compression Sock, which features:

20-30 mmHG of graduated compression
Seamless TekWeb technology
Muscle Stability
Increased Bloodflow
Web knit for more support of arch
Cooling effect and UV protection

And, how cute are they?

SLS3, Butterfly, Compression Socks, Teal

And the Allrounder Compression Sock, which is more of the basic sock and features:

20-30 mmHG of true graduated compression for increased blood circulation, muscle oxygenation and stability
Seamless TekWeb technology to prevent blisters
Antimicrobial fibers for odor control
Cooling effect and UV protection

So which socks did I pick?  Of course the Butterfly ones.  They were super cute and had great girly colors.

They come in Teal, Purple, Pink & Light Blue and I choose the Teal.

Compression socks are interesting, as they don’t run the same size for all brands, every brand is slightly different in their sizing.  I wear a size 8.5 in normal shoes/a 10 in running shoes and I measured my calf to be 14.5in at the time so I thought that we thought that the S/M would work perfect.  I have been having some issues with retaining water, which must be why my super pretty butterfly socks are just a bit too tight for me to wear for longer than about 5 minutes.  I should have gone up a size.

SLS3, Butterfly, Compression Socks, Teal

They are so cute, I really wanted to wear them as part of my outfit for the #teamnakamura 5k but I put them on the day before and I unfortunately could only keep them on for a few minutes before I had to take them off because they were too tight around my foot.  For recovery it would be fine, but I wouldn’t be able to run in them.

Flat Jenny, #teamnakamura, 5k

I think that the socks themselves feel great on and I was definitely able to feel the cooling effect and would definitely help me with recovery in the correct size.  The butterfly pattern is unique and super cute for you female runners out there.  They also have more masculine colors in the Allrounder Sock and the FXC Sock is in the basic black & white.

SLS3, Butterfly, Compression Socks, Teal


The newest item in the SLS3 line is a very cool HIPZIPP. It is a 5 inch wide belt with 2 large zippered pockets, large enough to fit even the iPhone 6+ and a small hidden pocket for a credit card or cash.  It’s made with compression fabric to keep it secure no matter that you are doing or where you place it.  They are doing a kickstarter campaign, where, depending on how soon you get in, you can get a HIPZIPP for up to half off the normal $29.95 price.  I got mine last week.  And you can check it out here for yourself:

Want to try SLS3 for yourself?

One lucky person will win a pair of compression socks or sleeves from SLS3 and for those of you who don’t win, you can save 40% by using code RUNNYLEGS40.
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    1. I typically wear them for recovery unless I have really tight calves, then I definitely notice a difference while running. Thanks for reading ?

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