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Have you ever wanted to work-out in peace and quite in your own home?  To try new workouts without being embarrassed for not knowing the routines completely? Or maybe that’s just me :).

Grokker and Fitapproach gave me an opportunity to try GrokkerPremium free for 3 months.  What is Grokker?  It’s a online community and resources for people like me, who are super busy but want to still lead a healthy lifestyle, or anyone who just wants to workout at home or pretty much anywhere.

I’ve been visiting Grokker while on the road for the last month or so and it’s great.  There are so many videos of all levels, time frames and sports.

Grokker allows you to customize your wellness program because we all have different interests and fitness levels.

The videos are broken up into 3 main categories, Yoga, Fitness & Cooking.

There are tons of videos under each category and lots of sub categories so there is definitely something for everyone.

I am loving this Grokker Premium workout HIIT Workout from Sarah Kusch.

From the Grokker website: Designed to improve strength & cardiovascular fitness and burn a ton of calories, this high intensity workout is appropriate for fitness enthusiasts of all skill levels. Don’t have hand weights? Don’t worry. This workout is still plenty tough without them! If you like this video, be sure to check out Sarah Kusch’s Get Tight in 28, a workout program designed to help you lose weight and build total body strength.

This workout is just over 33 minutes and what I like most is that it doesn’t have any jumping in it.  I love some of the other workouts, but I hurt my low back years ago and so jumping isn’t the best thing for me.

Wanna try Grokker for yourself?

There are 2 ways to get started and access Grokker’s workouts.

#1 Basic which includes 2 Free Grokker Premium videos per week, 4 bonus Grokker Premium videos just for joining and full access to non-premium videos. Grokker Basic is always free and no credit card is required

#2 Premium includes Unlimited Grokker Premium videos, full access to non-premium videos, you can enjoy Group Classes online, you can watch on mobile, tablet, web & TV and you can ask Grokker Experts questions. Premium is as low as $9.99 a month for a yearly plan vs $14.99 per month for a month to month plan.

What is the difference between Premium and Non-Premium videos?

Grokker Premium videos are videos that are filmed and produced in house by our talented production team with our hand selected Experts. These videos pass the highest Video Quality standards, and can be identified with a Premium badge.
Non-premium videos are videos that we curate from all over the web and make available to you on Grokker.  You can easily identify Premium videos by their Premium badge.

Want to try Grokker for yourself? I’m giving away a 3 month premium membership or you can try Grokker Premium for 99 cents for the first month ($9.99 per month there after) by using code 99CENTS.

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3 thoughts on “Review: Grokker Online”

  1. Grokker is a horrible company. The videos are subpar, but the worst is when members try to cancel their membership. Unlike standard internet subscription services, such as Netflix and HBONow, there is no easy way to cancel. Instead you must email Grokker’s support team, who bombards you with upsells, and guilts you into not cancelling your memberships.

    You must email them repeatedly to cancel.. Once you do cancel, they strip your access away, regardless if you all ready paid for the month or not.

    Personally, I recommend Gaia or DailyBurn for internet videos. Or even better, Youtube has great free videos, and you never have to worry about cancelling a subscription with Youtube.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, I received a free membership for three months through Fit Approach and did not continue on after it expired so I am not familiar with their customer service.

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