REVIEW: The Orange Mud #OMWrap (Transition & Seat Wrap) & Discount Code

Disclaimer: I received a The Orange Mud Transition & Seat Wrap to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I was super excited to test The Orange Mud Transition Wrap because I sweat, a lot, and it’s a bit more humid in San Diego than in Phoenix.  I’m always forgetting to bring a towel and the driver’s seat is not as clean as it should be.  But that all changed with the addition of the Transition Wrap to my running arsenal.

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From The Orange Mud website:

A seat cover and changing towel in one. The Transition & Seat Wrap is the answer to parking lot and trail head gear changes as well as keeping that clean seat of yours…well, clean! We designed the wrap with the simple goal of not having your towel fall off while changing from regular clothes to run/bike/surf/etc gear. It stays around your waist securely via a built in belt clip. The second feature of the towel is the zip on hoodie, which you slip over your seat back in your car so when you sit down, the wrap does not slide off your seat.

So I haven’t technically used the towel in one of the ways that it was designed, i.e. the transition (changing) part.  But I have used it in a variety of other ways.

First up: As a towel, it is a very absorbent towel almost like a microfiber, I never felt like it got super wet/damp even after super sweaty runs.

The Orange Mud, Transition & Seat Wrap, OMWrap, Bibchat, Bibrave, Bibravepro

As a seat cover, it has a little zipper to make a hoodie which allows it to cover the head rest and not fall down like a traditional towel.  It fit my seat perfectly and I never felt any wetness on my seat after using this like I normally do after driving when sweaty.

The Orange Mud, Transition & Seat Wrap, OMWrap, Bibchat, Bibrave, Bibravepro

As a wrap, the towel is 30″x60″ and I’m relatively small, so I did need to almost wrap the towel around myself twice so it didn’t fall down, but what great about this wrap is that instead of just tucking it in like a normal towel, there is a cool belt clip that stays put so that the wrap won’t fall off when changing.

The Orange Mud, Transition & Seat Wrap, OMWrap, Bibchat, Bibrave, Bibravepro

As a blanket, while driving when it gets a little too cold in the car, the transition wrap becomes a great blanket.  It’s both long enough and wide enough to work perfectly.

The Orange Mud, Transition & Seat Wrap, OMWrap, Bibchat, Bibrave, Bibravepro

And best of all, I used it to become a super hero! RunnyLegs to the rescue 😉

The Orange Mud, Transition & Seat Wrap, OMWrap, Bibchat, Bibrave, Bibravepro

LOL, well not really, but it sounded good and it was before Halloween when I got the wrap.

The Orange Mud Transition Wrap comes in 14 different colors and if you are part of a group and order a minimum of 25 wraps, they can put your logo on it too.

Want to try the Orange Mud Transition Wrap for yourself?  You can save 15% by using code BIBRAVE at

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REVIEW: 2XU Women’s Elite MCS Compression Tights & Sweet Discount

Disclaimer: I received a pair of 2XU Elite MCS Compression Tights to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) & Apply until November 10, and check out to review find and write race reviews!

As a runner, I’ve found compression items to be a big help to me when running & recovering from long runs/races, etc.  I typically wear just compression socks/sleeves, but when I was given the opportunity to try the 2XU Elite Compression Tights, I was like sure, let’s see what they can do.

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From the 2XU website:  Product Details

The Elite MCS Compression tight offers unparalled power and protection against muscle trauma during intense activity. Graduated engineering also offers impressive recovery benefits post exercise.The next generation in 2XU Compression technology – MCS (Muscle Containment Stamping) for targeted compression. MCS is a revolutionary fabric support system traced over key muscle, tendon and fascia groups to focus greater compression power to wrap precise areas and reduce muscle oscillation and damage. Front panels are engineered with powerful PWX FLEX (70D) fabric combined with MCS focused to the quads. Rear panels are engineered with powerful PWX WEIGHT (105D) fabric for support to the hamstrings and MCS focused to the calf.

Specific features to these tights:

  • PWX Flex (70D) offers powerful compression to abductors, quads and shins. MCS is targeted to quads for ultimate muscle protection. Anatomical mapping ensures maximum containment and support.
  • PWX Weight (105D) fabric rear panels deliver powerful compression to protect the glut, hamstring and calf muscles. MCS is targeted to the calf for ultimate muscle protection.
  • Drawstring waistband for secure fit and internal pocket for storage.
  • Flatlock seams to reduce chafe for greater comfort.
  • Powerful Invista LYCRA® for exceptional fit, support and recovery.
  • Antibacterial and UPF50+ sun protection.
  • High filament yarns for dryness wicks sweat from the skin to the fabric exterior.
  • Graduated compression increases blood circulation for improved recovery and reduced muscle stiffness post exercise.

Now that we’ve got all the specifics out of the way, what you really want to know is did they work and how did they feel on.

Compression is a tricky thing, so you have to make sure you have the right size, I went to the website and checked out their size chart.  I’m 5’8 and fluctuate between 130-135lbs which is right on the cusp of the small/medium size.  While the website says that if you are on the cusp to go down, I opted to go up mostly because I’m typically closer to 135lbs and I’ve been having some issues with things fitting too tightly around the waist.

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I received my tights and even though it was 90 degrees out, I immediately put them on.  First impressions?  The waistband was soooo tight and uncomfortable but other than that, they fit and felt great.

I wore them on a road trip up to Newport Beach the day after a long run/hike and they made my legs feel really refreshed.


Wearing them up in the 40 degree weather while in the snow, while hike/running the Dolomites wasn’t an issue either, my legs never really felt cold so that was nice because the material is quite thin.  I will say though that day we hiked/ran over 13 miles with over 3,000 ft of elevation change and my legs did hurt so these tights while awesome are not going to eliminate soreness from long or hard workouts.  But I did notice that my recovery time was faster from wearing them.

2xu, mcs run, bibchat, italy, dolomites, mountain running, the northface, altra running

Final Thoughts:  The MCS Compression Tights are a new favorite and I have to thank BibRave & 2XU for allowing me to try them and get out of my Lululemon comfort zone.  These are expensive tights, they sell for $149 so they aren’t something I’m going to just buy to try.

I love the way my legs feel while wearing them and afterwards the quicker recovery time is awesome.

There are a few things I would change, first the waistband, it’s very uncomfortable and as with other things compression, gives you a bit of a muffin top, I feel like it would be better with a wider waistband.  Also, and I don’t know if this is because I had the wrong size or what, I felt like I was pulling them up around the crotch area a lot.  That’s why I have a lulu obsession because I’ve found pairs of tights that fit perfectly and I don’t have pull on them to get them to fit properly.

2xu, mcs run, bibchat, italy, dolomites, mountain running, the northface, altra running

All in all though, the pros definitely outweigh the cons and I would definitely recommend these tights to anyone.

Which brings us to the discount portion of my review.  If you too would like to try 2XU products, any product(s) you can get 20% off (as many orders as you would like) by using the code BIBRAVE20.  Check them out and let me know what you think.