2015 Goal Review & 2016 Goals

This year has been a whirlwind and it’s hard to believe it’s at a close.  Sean & I have had so many adventures it’s hard to keep them all straight.  We’ve got lots planned for 2016 already but we’ll get to that.


So how did I do on those goals I set 12 months ago? Let’s see…

1) Run Nutrition – I’m actually getting a little better at this, but it is definitely a work in progress.  Funny enough I’m really enjoying Natures Valley Oats and Honey Crunchy Granola Bars right now although you do need some water with them but if it gets me to eat then it’s all good.  I’m also eating orange slices, we have an orange tree in our yard and the oranges are amazing!
2) Running straight – Again this is still a work in progress, but I did run the Thanksgiving Classic 10 miler with no walking and I completed my first half marathon (SD Holiday Half) with no walking!! which is huge progress.  I’m not opposed to some walking though, I started with Galloway so it’s always going to be something I think I fall back on.
3) Mental Toughness – Again still a work in progress, but I do have a new mantra I Can & I Will and it seems to be helping me a lot.
4) Trail/Hill Running – I’m definitely getting stronger, I still don’t enjoy hills but I am definitely getting stronger.
5) Cross Training – So/So
6) Core work – I’ve started doing more strength training and am doing a daily challenge that is definitely helping.
7) Eating healthy & drinking more water – This is always going to be a work in progress I think :).

So basically, most of my goals for 2015 were things that are probably always be a work in progress or maybe ebb and flow throughout the year.

Now for all the other fun stuff.

This year I moved to San Diego in March, and then in July married my soul mate in a fabulous ceremony at the People’s Palace in San Francisco, in October we went on an amazing 2 week honeymoon in Italy. I’ve taken 46 flights this year all over the country & world.

Running wise, I’ve done 6 half marathons, 3 marathons, my first 50k and attempted my 2nd as well as a few other races.  I’ve run in Italy, Hawaii, Arizona, Utah, Georgia, Missouri, Nevada and of course California.

And now for my 2016 goals!!!


  1. PR the marathon – I have steadily been going backwards as far as time with 2 very slow marathons this year so I really am looking forward to breaking this streak and running a great marathon!
  2. Really train, in 2015 I just coasted along and didn’t really train for anything, I just ran for fun, hence the slow marathon times, this year I want to still run for fun, but train for at least a few races.
  3. Run in at least one new place, I think I might already have this covered since we’ll be heading to Tampa in February for the Gasparilla half marathon (I ran in Orlando, but I don’t recall ever running in Tampa).
  4. Run at least one new distance this year…hum…what distance should that be???
  5. Keep up with the Winter Strength Challenge I started on Dec 15 and make this a daily habit for the whole year not just the 2 months of the challenge
  6. Be more timely with writing my race recaps on the blog
  7. Write at least 2 blog posts a week
  8. Drink more WATER!!!  Always a good goal

I’m sure I’ll think of more or change thing up as the year progresses but these are the big ones.

Good luck to everyone and here’s to a Happy & Healthy 2016!!

What are your goals for 2016?

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    1. Thanks for the visit Angela! That’s awesome & I think one of the best things about running is all the amazing people you meet along the way! Enjoy your journey!

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