Review: Dona Jo Leggings + Discount Code

Dona Jo, Leggings, colors

A few weeks ago the folks at Dona Jo Fitwear reached out to see if I wanted to try a pair of their leggings.  I received a pair in exchange for this review, as always all opinions are my own.

There are so many fun patterns to choose from.  I had a hard time deciding on which print to pick.  I finally picked the Vida print.  A few of my other favorites, Copacabana & Esqueleto (a colorful skull print).

Dona Jo, Leggings, colorsOnce on, I could barely tell I was wearing pants let along workout pants.  These leggings are seriously the lightest feeling leggings I’ve ever worn.

Some details from the DonaJo website:


I wore them for yoga and a little jumping around and they felt great on.  I haven’t had the opportunity to run in them yet so I’m not sure how they will do with sweat but so far they feel great.

Dona Jo, Leggings, colorsSizing: Dona Jo has a unique sizing system.  They only have 3 sizes.  Size 1 for sizes 0 – 8, Size 2 for 10 – 14 and Size 3 for 16 – 20.  I’m a pretty standard size 6 in most clothes so I picked the size 1 for my leggings.

Dona Jo, Leggings, colors

I think that they fit very well, I did notice I was pulling up on the legs just a little so I’m not sure how they will fare for a run, but they were incredibly comfortable.

Dona Jo doesn’t just sell leggings & crops.  They also have sports bras, skirts, shorts, as well as tanks and shirts to choose from.

Want to try some Dona Jo for yourself?  Use code Runnylegs20 for 20% off.

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