Review: Smarty Pants Vitamins #TheGoodGummy & GIVEAWAY

The awesome peeps at Fitapproach gave me the opportunity to try & review SmartyPants Vitamins #TheGoodGummy the last few weeks.  I received a monthly supply of the Women’s Complete Multi-Vitamin for this review.

It was actually quite fortuitous that this review came up because I’ve been working on my running goals & nutrition in particular, which also means working on my overall nutrition.  I’ve never really taken vitamins because they always make me feel weird, like I’ve had way too much caffeine and who wants to swallow a pill the size of a quarter, lol.

Smartypants, #TheGoodGummy, vitamins, all natural

Smarty Pants has found a way to make taking your vitamins fun.  They come in some super yummy flavors including orange, lemon creme and blueberry.  They are an all-in-one multivitamin with Omega 3s, Vitamin K2 and CoQ10, which makes SmartyPants the first gummy vitamin to include all 4 vitamins in one.

Most importantly they don’t have any synthetic colors, artificial sweeteners, flavors or preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup, gluten, tree nuts, peanuts or dairy.  I think all of these things in combination with the fact that they are a super flavorful gummy has made it so I feel good taking a daily vitamin.

As a runner and a frequent traveler, it’s really important to me to get the appropriate nutrients on a daily basis and I know don’t always eat perfectly.  French fries are a vegetable, right?

I’ve only been taking #TheGoodGummy for the last week since we got back from Florida and I am already noticing a difference.  I feel like I have more energy and am recovering well from my long & hard runs.  And most importantly I haven’t gotten sick even after the #TeamNakamura Coast to Coast (LA Marathon & Gasparilla 1/2) & 2 weeks of travel last month.

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With 7 races & a few flights coming up in the next 2 months including two 50ks (What was I thinking lol) I can use all the help I can get.  In addition to eating more vegetables and drinking a lot more water, I’m going to be incorporating #TheGoodGummy into my daily routine.

Want to try SmartyPants for yourself?  They come in women’s, men’s, kids, adult and prenatal versions. I’m giving away 1 bottle (30 day supply) of SmartyPants #TheGoodGummy vitamins to a lucky winner.

Smartypants, #TheGoodGummy, vitamins, all natural

Good Luck & Don’t forget to take your Vitamins ;)!

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