Review: Vitamin Pit Stop USANA Nutrimeal & Giveaway

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My friends over at Fitapproach are giving me the opportunity to find a protein powder that I enjoy.  In this edition, I’m reviewing Vitamin Pit Stop‘s USANA Nutrimeal.  I received a bag to test out.

Now a little disclaimer of my own.  I have tried a number of protein powders throughout the years and I have yet to find one that I really enjoy in smoothie form so I will be trying out a few options this year to see if I can find something I like.

So what is USANA Nutrimeal Free?

From their website: Nutrimeal Free is a plant-based, nutritious source of protein that is pleasantly delicious and far from overbearing. If you’re in the mood to blend it with a handful of your favorite fruits or vegetables, go right ahead! Mix it your way. The mild, agreeable flavor complements just about anything you can think up.

Vitamin Pit Stop, USANA Nutrimeal

It is free of Fructose, Soy, Dairy & Gluten and is Vegetarian Friendly.  Each serving includes 15g of protein & 8g of fiber and is made with all natural ingredients.

On the bag they recommend using 3 scoops with water or mixed in a smoothie as a meal replacement.  The first thing I did was try it out and it was somewhat filling, but I didn’t like the taste in smoothie form.  Although I did give some to Sean and he thought it was great so it’s probably just me :).

Vitamin Pit Stop, USANA Nutrimeal

After that, I decided to use the Nutrimeal for baking.  I made the most amazing peanut butter cookies and super yummy biscuits both of which tasted great.  I also made a peanut butter protein mug cake.

Vitamin Pit Stop, USANA Nutrimeal
I’m going to continue to use my Nutrimeal for more baking and Sean is enjoying Nutrimeal smoothies.

Vitamin Pit Stop, USANA Nutrimeal

I want you too to get to try out some new options for protein this year so I am giving away a bag of Vitamin Pit Stop’s USANA Nutrimeal Free to a lucky follower.
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