Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate + A Giveaway

Core Hydration, FitApproach

Disclosure: I received a case of Core Hydration pH Balanced water for this post from Core & FitApproach.

I’ve been talking a lot about my hydration status lately and I admit during the winter, my hydration falls off because it’s cooler out.

But with all the running I do and having found that my stomach issues are may be correlated to how hydrated I am, I really need to make it more of a priority and be more #TrueToMyCore.

Core Hydration, FitApproach

So what am I doing to make sure I’m staying more hydrated and drinking more water?

1) Drinking at least 8 ounces as soon as I get up

2) Infusing water with fruit, I’m all about citrus flavored water

3) Trying to keep water on my desk all day

4) Taking a bottle of water with me on my runs

Core Hydration, FitApproach

5) Find a water that you like, not all waters are created equal, in fact, in LA, is the US’s only water sommelier and he’s teaching people about how different water brands can be.  I was super excited when I heard about this because I’ve always thought that different brands and in different cities the water tasted different.  I wasn’t as crazy as people might have thought, lol.

As for me I’m loving the taste of Core Hydration pH balanced water, right now.

From the Core website: CORE® Hydration water is ultra-purified using a seven stage proprietary process including U.V., carbon filtration, reverse osmosis and ozonation that removes harmful impurities and contaminants. It’s then balanced with the perfect blend of electrolytes and minerals that complement the levels that naturally occur in the human body. The result – a clean and crisp tasting water with the “Perfect pH” of 7.4*

Since the weather has gotten nicer, I’ve been been drinking a lot more water and I’m noticing that I’m feeling a lot better overall and especially while running.

Core has a great tasting water that is in a 100% recyclable BPA free bottle that fits well in your hand for a short run/walk/hike and the smaller size has a nice cap on it.  I did notice that the bigger bottles (which I got when we were in Utah) had a twist top vs the cap which I liked better.

Core Hydration, FitApproach

Now for the good stuff! Want to win some water coupons for yourself?  In San Diego, I’ve seen Core Hydration at Arco, 7-11 & Windmill Farms, but it looks like it’s sold all over the place.  You can find the closest location to you by going to their store locator here. There are over 2,000 places to by Core Hydration in Southern California alone!

Contest open to US Residents only with a valid mailing address, prize will be delivered by Core Hydration.

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