June 2021 Check-In

I wrote my May check-in and then for some reason never posted it but May was a rough month & June was much, much better so let’s just start there.

Kicked off June with a with a bright, shiny new Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid which was a nice surprise.  We went in just to take a look but found the perfect car and took it home with us.

We celebrated National Running Day by running 8 miles down by the San Diego Harbor.  It was a little cloudy but it was so nice to be down there and wow, I could still run 8 miles with minimal pain.

I took my first plane & work trip since Feb 2020 to Miami.  It was fun to see all my co-workers and be back at an event, I hadn’t talked that much in over a year and it was awesome!  I would say that I am an extroverted introvert and while I am fine being by myself, I love being around people and talking to everyone.

When I got back from Miami, Sean & I headed to LA for a pre-birthday weekend.  I splurged using my Marriott points and we stayed at the Ritz Carlton downtown where they upgraded us to an incredible suite with an incredible waterfall shower & huge tub.  We hiked around the Hollywood Sign & got donuts from Donut Friend.

We got our infrared sauna built and started heat training for Badwater.  I’m loving the sauna, it’s so nice.  I will say though that I don’t need to go over 135 or so, last night I went up to 145 and even though I was hydrating like a boss I didn’t feel good all night so I think I’ll stick to the slightly lower temps.

We went up to San Gorgonio and did a hike halfway up – I haven’t been running a ton so I wasn’t prepared to go the  whole way up but it is an absolutely gorgeous trail and we had a great time.

I’ve been running with my run group, the San Diego Arete team and it’s been so nice to run with other people again. I’m looking forward to seeing them at my first race this weekend.

So now on to the stats portion of this recap:

Running: 67 miles which doesn’t seem like a lot but I’ve been doing some decent length runs and I am feeling stronger and happier about running.

Hiking: 12 miles including the 10.25 up & down Gorgornio.

Peloton: 117 miles which is low for me but I finally feel like in the last few weeks I’ve turned a corner & I’m not feeling any pain  on the bike so that’s a huge plus!  My Team Wilpers bike fitter checked in with me last week and when I told him it took about a month to feel better with the new settings he said that he was the same way and that it took him more than just a week to acclimate to new settings.

Strength Training: Again, this is one area I feel like I’m really nailing.  I’ve been working with Nicole from Heart and Sole Running since March and it’s really helping.  I’m really feeling like I’m getting stronger & this month, adding in some more running & biking seems to going to well.

Stretching: This is one that I fell off the wagon on so I’m starting over and boy do I need it!  I’m really tight, especially in my hips so goal for July is to do 45 stretch classes.

Campaigns: I worked with a lot of companies this month & gave away a bunch of products, like a Garmin Enduro like I have, RXBAR  Plant Bars & a Sunbeam heating pad.

I shared how RXBAR now has Plant Based bars, Quorn Foods vegan options, started & ended the month with CLIF Builders Minis, Jaybird Sport gifted me a pair of their new Vista 2 headphones, I teamed up with Aleve to share their new AleveX™ Pain Relieving Massaging Stainless Steel Roll-On, I got to try the new JustEgg Breakfast Sandwich at Peets and I shared how I use my Sunbeam GoHeat™️ USB Powered Heating Pad while out and about.

June was a good month!  Here’s to an even better July!  What did you all accomplish/do in June?