August Recap

I am all over this recap stuff this week.  I’ve written a bunch of posts and I’ve got loads of content coming for September so get ready to see a lot of me!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already September! Where did August go? Where did this whole year go for that matter?

Ok, let see what happened in August – I can barely remember because it went by so fast!

I started training for the NYC Marathon with a coach and then stopped training for the marathon with my coach.  I’m still planning to run the race, I’m just not sure how exactly I want to go about it.  I have to admit & I know I’ve said this before, I don’t love the actual training process, which is why in the past we have run so many races, because it’s more fun to me to run a race than to run a long training run.

In any case I ended August with 57.6 miles of running.  I ran one race, the Balboa Park 8 Miler which was a new to me race & distance.  We went up to the Bay Area to see my sister & BIL and took a road trip to Yosemite National Park where we camped for the weekend.

I started reading a booked called The Success Principles because it’s time to make some changes in my life & take charge of things again vs just complaining and hoping things will get better. I’m loving it so far, and really looking forward to implementing some of the steps in the book.

I finally started taking my hydration seriously.  I bought myself a Hydrojug and I have been doing my best to drink a minimum of 73 oz of water every day since I got it.  I have to say having a huge water bottle with all the water in it seems to be helping and I’m already noticing a difference.  My skin feels a little better, I haven’t been scratching nearly as much and I don’t feel nearly as bloated TMI maybe but it’s something that makes a difference to me.

Because we were traveling a lot I didn’t really get in a lot of Peloton workouts this month but I did still manage to do all my strength workouts. We currently don’t have any travel booked for September so I’ll be doing my best to do at least 30 minutes of cardio a day.

I had a decent amount of campaigns in August so I got to try or work with the following brands.

Balance Superfood Shots – these are yummy shots with 50% of your daily fruit & veggie allotment.  I really like the Foundation Blend.  Withings – I had the scale and now I have the blood pressure monitor which comes in handy because I have white coat syndrome which means my BP is always higher when I go to the actual dr. This allows me to measure my BP at home and then share with my dr.

Now for the food!  I partnered with Factor Foods, which is a super easy and simple way to get eat yummy chef-crafted meals.  I love their plant based meals & juices.  You can save $90 on your first 3 weeks but using my code RUNNYLEGS90.  I also partnered with Califia Farms to share how plant based milks & cold brews can be used to make yummy desserts!

I shared how I take my Sunbeam Go HeatTM USB Powered Heating Pad on trips with me and that my Garmin Enduro has an incredible breathwork activity that’s helping me to stay focused & relaxed.

August was jam-packed for me.  How was your August?

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