About Me

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Welcome to Runny Legs! My name is Jenny and a road & trail runner, vegan foodie, kitty mom living in San Diego. I love to travel with my husband Sean, exploring new places, new trails.  We like to find yummy vegan food to eat where ever we go & we love trying new things.

I’ve been running, eating & traveling my whole life, but didn’t start running endurance events until 2011. Since then, I’ve done mostly road races, 5ks, 10k, 1/2 marathons and marathons.  I did my first 50k in April 2015 at Leona Divide and I’ve definitely caught the trail bug.  I love it and there isn’t nearly as much pressure to run fast as there is at road races!

I spend a lot of time helping to crew my husband while he runs ultra distance events (so far up to 200 miles).  I love meeting new runners and hearing about their stories on how they got to the start line.

Almost all of my memories revolve around food somehow – If the food wasn’t good, I don’t remember it so moral of the story, always eat good food!  That being said, while I absolutely love dessert & French Fries, I try really hard to eat as clean as possible & follow an 80/20 clean eating diet.

I’m not in love with cooking & I’m one of those people where if there aren’t pictures of the recipe, I’m not buying the cookbook. Since going vegan though, I’ve really enjoyed cooking a lot more.

As far as travel, I’ve lived in 5 states & spent a year living in Italy.  I’ve run races in 12 states, so far, along with Washington, D.C.,  Vancouver, Canada and Rome & Venice, Italy.  I’ve been to 27 states, gotten kicked out of one, when I was 8, I got the chicken pox on vacation in CT and the doctor told my family to leave :), and to 5 European countries.

Follow my journey, thru my mishaps & adventures of running, eating & traveling thru life.