Runny Legs Bridal Bootcamp Week 2

So after trying on my dress, I realized I didn’t need to go too crazy or my dress would be a bit too loose, what a problem to have, right? I decided to continue rehabbing my hamstring and just eating well.

So what did I do last week?

Food wise, I continued with limiting my salt intake as well as drinking lots and lots of water and eating more fruits & veggies.

One of my fav new breakfast meals is to mix grapefruit & avocado with some jicama and cinnamon.

Grapefruit,Avocado, Jicama, Breakfast Salad

Lots and lots of hip exercises.  I spent a lot of time doing a series of about 12 different hip exercises to really strengthen that hips called the myrtl routine by Coach Jay of Nike.  I’m not sure if you have to do the exercises in order but here they are.

Clam shells
Lateral Leg Raise 3 ways: neutral foot, foot pointed up and foot pointed down
Donkey kicks
Donkey whips
Fire Hydrant
Knee circles, forward
Knee circles, backwards
Hurdle Trail Leg, forward
Hurdle Trail Leg, backwards
Lateral Leg Swing
Linear Leg Swing
Linear Leg Swing with bent knee

I also found some yoga poses that help with sciatica so I did those several times as well.

Yoga for Sciatica

As far as running, I ran 3 times last week and then Sean & I ran/hiked in the Cleveland National Forest on a portion of the San Diego 100 course.  We had a great time out there.  It’s a very beautiful place to run.

Cleveland National Forest Uncle Tom's Cabin - SD 100 course

Less than 2 weeks to go and I’m super excited.

#1MillionMinutes Mad Lib with Puritan’s Pride

fitapproach, puritan's pride, sweat pinkI’m so Fired Up [adj] to fuel my #1MillionMinutes goals with Puritan’s Pride! All summer I plan to run, stretch and eat [verb] my way to a healthier, fitter me, and I’ll need help staying hydrated and fueled during all my traveling [adj] adventures!

I will make sure I stay on track and will rely on  water, fruits & veggies and lean protein [noun] to keep me well fueled before, during and after workouts, and my fruit infuser water bottle [noun] to keep me hydrated!

I’m most excited to try All Natural Veggie Protein in Vanilla (product) and Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (product) from Puritan’s Pride because they look like they are super clean(adj).

One supplement I’ve never tried but am curious about is D-Ribose [noun]. I think it might make me have a better recovery after long & hard runs![adj].

Bring it, #1MillionMinutes! I’m ready to go!


This post is sponsored by Puritan’s Pride. All opinions are my own. We so appreciate you supporting the brands who support Fit Approach and the #sweatpink community! 

RunnyLegs Bridal Bootcamp Week 1

Last Monday was 4 weeks until #TeamSeanandJenny become #TeamNakamura and I haven’t been entirely happy with my body in the last few weeks.  Now, I’m not saying that I want to loose a ton of weight and go crazy, just tone up a bit, especially since I haven’t really been eating as well as I should be.  I’ve been eating a lot of french fries lately ;).

So I decided to use the wedding as a way to get myself back on track. When we were at the beach last weekend, I got out my 21 Day Fix & Suja Juice Solution books and read them both over.  I purchased the 21 Day Fix way back in March but have never officially done the program, mostly because those containers are so freaking small! and I’m not sure I like the idea of being so restricted in the portion sizes.

But I took a little from each of the books and here’s what I’ve come up with that will work for me.

* As soon as I get out of bed, I drink about 8 ounces of water.  Then drink my coffee, no sugar, just a little soy milk.
* Smoothies.  I got a basic blender for my birthday, I’d love a Vitamix but they are a little out of the budget when you are planning a wedding so I’ll make due with this Oyster one that works really well.
* Eliminate most dairy.  I haven’t used real milk for years because of a minor lactose issue, but I love cheese and yogurt but they don’t love me.
* Cut out most processed carbohydrates.  I am eating bread or pasta at one meal, but trying to not eat it at every meal & snack.
* Eating more fruit & vegetables
* Add in more healthy fat
* I haven’t been eating a lot of dessert lately, but definitely limiting the treats.
* And most important, drinking way more water

On the exercise side…

I joined a gym so that I was able to do more cross-training on the bike and possibly start swimming as well.  And while I’m not a huge fan of heights, this gym has a rock wall and I’m really excited to try that out as well.

So starting on Monday, I got back into the plank challenge, it was a bit tough that first day and I only made it 3 minutes, but by Thursday I was at 10 minutes.  I incorporated more core/ab work as well as adding in some arm exercises with weights and short yoga session.  In the afternoon I did 40 minutes on the bike and then an Insanity Max30 session.

Tuesday, I did 2 miles of run/walk with Sean and plank.

Wednesday was a little slower as I was having a massage so I didn’t want to ruin all the work that was done.  I did an 8 minute plank, 100 squats and some stretching.

Cupping, United Rehab, San Diego

Thursday, I started off with a sweaty 10 minute plank, the myrtle hip routine, arm exercises with weights and 100 ab exercises (20 crunches, 40 bicycles, 20 single leg scissors, 20 double legs up and down.

Thursday evening, Sean & I hit up Mission Bay where we were just going to do a quick 2 miles but I needed to do a 10k at some point over the weekend for my Nuun #runridehydrate virtual race, which I’ll be reviewing in a separate post, so after 1.5 miles we made the decision to keep going.

Mission Bay, San Diego, #teamseanandjenny, runnylegs

Friday, both Sean & I were off so we decided to go out to Cowles Mountain to get some hill training in, I went up twice before I decided to call it a day. 5.5 miles, 1,700 of elevation.  5 mins of plank, stretching my priformis and hip myrtle routine.

Piriformis, stretch, lake murray, san diego

Saturday, we did 6 miles at Lake Murray and then hit up the beach.  I planked twice, once for 3:55 when Purrums, one of my kitties, started attacking me, unprovoked I might add, and when a 16lb cat starts biting your biceps you stop planking ;).  I did another 7:30 before I couldn’t handle it any more. Hip myrtle and arm weights called it a day.

Runnylegs, altra running, lululemon, procompression, lake murray, san diego

Sunday, we had a lot to do yesterday so we just did a short run with some faster strides at Balboa Park.  I took a rest day from the rest of my exercises and will get back on them tomorrow.

Balboa Park, San Diego, runnylegs

I will say that I’m feeling a lot better and I tried my dress on Wednesday and I don’t really need to do much because I don’t want my dress to be too big, but overall just making these small changes, especially eliminating grain/potato carbs at every meal and drinking a lot more water has started to make a big difference as far as bloating and feeling tired all the time.

On to next week!

2015 Mid-Year Review

It’s hard to believe that 2015 is already half over.  It’s been quite a year so far with a lot of exciting things happening, but also marred with the pain in my hamstring that has been plaguing me for most of the year.

Healing my hamstring is going to be my main focus for the rest of the year.  We also have a few other very exciting things happening in the next 6 months, a wedding!! a second post wedding party and a bunch of travel and races.

As for those goals I set back in January, let’s see how I’ve been doing.

1) Run Nutrition – so so, ok well really not so good.  I still need to work on this.
2) Running straight – This one when my hamstring feels good is actually going pretty well.  I did really well during the Rock n’ Roll SD half and didn’t walk much.
3) Mental Toughness – still a work in progress – my hamstring pain is making this difficult, but…I am determined and I will finish even if I have to walk or crawl through that finish line!
4) Trail/Hill Running – we have done a lot more trail, but again due to the hamstring, hill running has not been happening
5) Cross Training – I feel like this is going pretty well
6) Core work – I’ve been really good about doing core exercises and I think I’m ahead of the game on this one
7) Eating healthy & drinking more water – again this is a work in progress

My favorite things from the last 6 months.  It’s been a really busy 6 months.


January – Going to to Hawaii with Sean
February – Valentine’s Day in San Diego
March – LA Marathon & Moving to San Diego!!
April – Leona Divide 50K, my first ultra & cake tasting for our wedding!
May – One of the few non-painful races this year at Rock n’Roll SD
June – Crewing for Sean at the SD100 and the San Francisco Summer Solstice

I can’t wait to see what happens next…

National Running Day 2015

Happy  National Running Day!!!  I’m linking up with Jonesin’ for a run and Kristen has some questions that I’m excited to answer.  I’d love to hear your answers too.

If you are looking for a group run or more info check out   This year they are giving you the option to track your run/walk through Charity Miles.

And lastly, Nuun is also doing a virtual run with Motigo where you can get audio cheers from friends and family, maybe even Kara Goucher or Kevin, Nuun CEO.  Or you might even win prizes while out on your 5k or longer run. Sign-up & download the Motigo app to participate. By signing up you will also receive 1 free week of Motigo.

Why do you run?
Why do I run…for a lot of reasons, but mostly because it makes me happy.  I have a stressful job and it also helps me to stay sane.  As one of my co-workers told me last week…I run because punching people is frowned upon LOL.

How do you plan to celebrate National Running Day? 
I’ll be in Phoenix to start my day, but Sean & I plan to run down by the San Diego Harbor as soon as I land.

How many miles have you run so far this year?

What big events do you have on the race calendar so far this year?
Big events for the rest of the year…San Francisco 1/2 marathon the day before our wedding…Venice Marathon on our honeymoon in Venice Italy!

Before I leave for a run you must have:
Chapstick and water

Do you have one favorite app to track your runs?
Nike Plus

Who is your favorite running partner?
That’s an easy one…my love Sean @ultrarunnersd 

What races have you ran so far this year?
I’ve done a lot of them…
May 31, 2015 – Suja Rock n’ Roll San Diego 1/2 Marathon – San Diego, CA
May 24, 2015 – Mountains to Beach Marathon – Ventura, CA
May 3, 2015 – OC Half Marathon – Newport Beach, CA
Apr 18, 2015 – Leona Divide 50k – Green Valley, CA (Angeles National Forest)
Mar 15, 2015 – Asics LA Marathon – Los Angeles, CA
Feb 28, 2015 – Phoenix Marathon 1/2 Marathon – Mesa, AZ
Feb 7, 2015 – Runners Den AZ Pancake Run 5k – Phoenix, AZ
Feb 1, 2015 – Xterra McDowell Mountain 15 mile – Fountain Hills, AZ

If you had to give someone one piece of advice about running what would it be?
Have fun!!

Describe your relationship with running in one word:
Complicated 🙂

Feel free to answer as many as you would like – I’d love to hear what you are doing to celebrate!

Have a fabulous run!

It’s Gonna be May… Goals

It’s May 1 and I’ve realized that I haven’t really had any real goals to work towards lately.  Yes, I’ve been running and I’ve been eating & traveling, but I’ve been kind of just doing whatever with no real plan.  So as we start May which is full of races and a lot of traveling, I need a little focus.

Goals for May

Exercise Goals:

*Plank Challenge – Sean & I are already on day 6 and plan to continue on thru May.  My goal isn’t necessarily to get to a certain time, but more to start to incorporate it into my daily routine.


*Strength Training/Cross Training – As I get closer to a long distance race, I tend to only run, but as my recurring hamstring/glute issue tells me, I need to do other things too. I will be incorporating 2 days of cross training & strength training into my weekly schedule.

*Get in a 20 mile run before my next marathon, Mountains 2 Beach on May 24.  I have only done one 20 mile run this year outside of the LA marathon & my 50k so I’d really like to get one in before I race again.


*Meal plan & prep for the week.  I used to do this but since I’ve been working from home, I’ve really gotten lazy.  It’s time to get back on track.



*Research new long run nutrition.  I’m not sure what kind of experimentation I’ll be able to do with 3 races this month, but I can start researching what I want to try.

*Start 21 Day Fix.  I have had this in for a few weeks now but with the 50k and traveling a bit I haven’t started it yet.  It’s hard for me to do this when I’m out of town a lot but I’ll be doing my best to follow the plan.

It’s time to buckle down and do some relatively simple things (outside of the 20 mile run, that’s not so simple lol) that will help my running goals down the road.

What are your goals for this month?


My Favorite Running Things – April

I’ve decided that it’s time to share some of my favorite things.  I tend to be very brand loyal when I find things that I like but that doesn’t mean I’m not willing to try new things.

Here are a few of my current favorites…

Altra Running Superior 2.0 Trail Shoes 

Winner of the Editor’s Choice Award from Runner’s World .

Altra Running, Superior, Trail Shoes, Womens
Ok, yes, I am an Altra Ambassador so I am a bit partial, but really these shoes are amazing.  They are super light-weight and work in all sorts of terrain, I’ve even had to wear them to play softball.  I’m going to wear them for my next trail race and then I’ll do an official review.  

The Probar Base bars in Cookie Dough

Yum!!!  I ordered a sample box of these before I moved and I love the taste.  Most of the time protein bars have a weird taste to them and are full of all sorts of weird ingredients, etc.  These are plant based with 20g of protein in them.  These are a new favorite.

The ProBar, Base, Protein Bar, Vegan, Cookie DoughMy Camelbak Quik Grip Insulated Podium Quick Chill water bottle.

Sean got me started using a hand held last year because holding your hydration = drinking more.  I drink a lot more now than I ever did while running, as evidenced in my last 2 marathons where I’ve refilled my bottle at least 2-3 times throughout the race.  This fits my hand perfectly and isn’t too too heavy.  You can also fit some gels and a lip gloss in the pocket.

Camelbak,Podium,  Quick Chill, Water Bottle
Hip stretches – this is a weird one, I know, but ever since I ran the LA Marathon I’ve had super tight hips.  I’ve started doing various hip stretches, mostly yoga style poses, and while it’s still going to take a while to work, I’ve been noticing a lot of improvement.

IMG_3965 IMG_3966There are so many products, exercises, foods, etc out there that it’s hard to find a favorite sometimes.  I’m sure I’ll find something else and these current favorites will change, but that’s the fun of trying new things.  I’ll never be bored, that’s for sure :).

What are your favorite running things?


#Teamseanandjenny Our Story

Since it is Valentine’s Day I thought it would be fitting to tell the story of how Sean & I met.

It was a dark and stormy night…no wait that’s another story lol. A little background first. As you all probably know my favorite social media is Instagram & way back, in 2012, our friend Rhea & I became instafriends. We liked each other’s posts, commented occasionally and then I decided to run the Rome Marathon & since Rhea had lived in Italy too we chatted more often. Then Meb won the Boston Marathon and Rock n Roll San Diego announced that Meb would be pacing the 1:35 half marathon pace group. And since Rhea is that fast or actually faster she decided to come down to SD.

On the flip side, Sean met Rhea earlier last year, I believe at the Carlsbad marathon after our other friend Vanessa posted on a running site looking for a place to stay in SD for the same race.

Also, just to make it more like fate, Sean & I have actually done a few of the same races over the years. Surf City & RnR San Diego for sure and there might have been others.

Back to the story…Rhea & I made plans to meet up for dinner the night before the race. I was with my running buddy Pete & she said there would be 3 of them on her side. I assumed a friend & her hubby but when we met up with them in Little Italy it was initially just Rhea & her friend Vanessa. Sean was running a bit late because he had done the Camp Pendleton mud run earlier in the day.

When he arrived he sat next to me & Rhea so we all spent a lot of time chatting. What he didn’t know until later though was that night was the first time Rhea & I met in person too.

We ended up walking down to the Harbor & we all chatted a bit more before heading out own ways to get ready for the race.


I’ve already recapped the race so I’ll skip all that, but that night when I got home I had a friend request from Sean & when I accepted he sent me a PM congratulating me on my PR.

Long story short we ended up texting pretty much everyday and since we were both going to be running in the San Francisco Marathon, me the first half, him the double marathon, we decided to meet up the Saturday before the race. July 26 would be our first official date :).


We packed 8 weeks of talking & not seeing each other into a 12 hour day and needless to say it was an amazing day! And we have spent the 6 months traveling, running & eating our way around the country since.


I feel like I am the luckiest girl in the world & I can’t wait to share the next 50+ years with him. We have a lot to do! #50yearplan #teamseanandjenny

Food Tour: Hawaiian Style

I love going new places and eating at local spots. I feel like I can eat at a chain restaurant anytime & want to eat where the locals eat.

Sean has family in Hawaii & has spent a lot of time there so he shared. A few of his fav spots & we also found a few new places on our own too.

We had the opportunity to eat at a bunch of really awesome spots this trip. I’m excited to share them with you all.

O’ahu, Hawaii
The first place we went, literally right after we landed was Lanikai Juice. I had a Kailua Monkey which is Soy milk, Banana, Peanut Butter, Honey, Whey Protein. OMG! Super yum!

Lanikai Juice, Kailua Monkey, smoothie, Oahu, hawaii

They had a number of different smoothies, acai bowls, other types of bowls & now have a new line of cold press juices. We saw a number of locations around the island so you can always find a place to get an amazing juice or smoothie.

Shave ice is a staple in Hawaii & we definitely enjoyed quite a few.
We went out to the North Shore specifically to check out Matsumoto Shave Ice. We got massive shave ices with vanilla ice cream & azuki beans on the bottom.

The next place we checked out was my favorite, Island Snow in Kailua. They have a clothing shop & shave ice in the same spot. I’m not sure what it was about this one that made it better but it was by far my fav.  Even President Obama has visited…

Lastly we hit up Waiola Shave Ice, literally on our way to the airport to go to Maui.  They apparently have 2 locations, this one was a little tricky to find parking at.  They are a little more specific in how you are supposed to order, with signs up and everything.

shave ice, oahu, north shore

The most important meal of the day and it didn’t disappoint. First stop Moke’s Bread & Breakfast for their famous Lilikoi pancakes & an amazing fresh veggie frittata. We came here twice & it was so worth it!

Lilikoi, Pancakes, Moke's Bread & Breakfast, Kailua, O'ahu, Best Breakfast Moke's Bread & Breakfast, Garden Frittata, breakfast

On Sunday after the Hurt 100, we went to Koa Pancake House. Yummy but much different than Moke’s.

Koa Pancake House, Oahu, Hawaii, breakfast

Last stop was the breakfast buffet at the Marriott Waikiki Resort. I’m not normally a fan of buffets outside of breakfast. This one had made to order omelets, fresh Belgian waffles, lots of fresh fruit and a lot of other things including a saimin station.


We had breakfast so late that we skipped lunch everyday or just had shave ice instead. Lol


Night 1 at Sean’s brothers house

Night 2 – Spaghetti Factory – We had dinner with Sean’s brothers & sister and their families – Sean & I both had the lasagna which is one of my favorite Italian dishes

Night 3 – I scarfed down a turkey sub from subway because I thought I was going to run with Sean that night.

Night 4 – OMG!!! Boston Pizza!!! The best pizza I’ve ever had outside of Italy!! It seriously tasted just like what you get in Italy.  If you love pizza and are on O’ahu, this is totally worth the drive.

Pizza, Napolitana style, Boston Pizza, Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii
Night 5 – This was our last night on O’ahu and we were staying at the Marriott and had just finished our run so we decided to just go to the sushi restaurant on the property.  Sansei Seafood & Sushi which is an award winning sushi restaurant. Here’s what we had… so yummy.

First off…Sansei’s Mango Crab Salad Roll
Sansei’s Asian crab salad, ripe mango, Kula greens and crunchy peanuts wrapped in a mamenori handroll and served with sweet Thai chili vinaigrette

We ended up eating 2 orders of this it was so good.

Next up…Panko Crusted Ahi Sashimi Sushi Roll
Sashimi grade Hawaiian ahi, arugula and spinach wrapped into a sushi roll, panko-crusted, flash-fried and served with Sansei’s mild soy wasabi butter sauce

YUM! Again we had 2 orders of this…

A seared tuna salad which was so so.  The dressing was really salty and it detracted from overall experience but with the other 2 options being so amazing, it didn’t even really matter.

We finished up with dessert of course, a nice tempura fried ice cream.


Now, on to Maui 🙂

First stop…Tasaka Guri-Guri (it’s pronounced like Goody-Goody) an amazing Hawaiian ice cream – we would have gone multiple times, but there was a death in the family and they were closed for the funeral and rightfully so, especially since it’s a family run place.  We had a 5 scoop cup of mixed guri-guri which was strawberry & pineapple.  Both were good, but I think I preferred the pineapple.


We headed over to Wailea Beach to go see the sun set & run, after which we headed over to the Four Seasons to have dinner.  There used to be a bar type restaurant by the pools, but it’s now an Italian restaurant called Ferraro’s Bar e Ristorante. We weren’t expecting that, but were hungry and so we sat outside, we were still in our running clothes, oops, but they weren’t that busy and it was dark so it’s was fine.

They had amazing rustic style bread that was reminiscent of Italy and we had absolutely amazing lasagna and a bucatini amatriciana, which was also yummy, but I have to say for the first time, and I’ve eaten a LOT of lasagna, I have found a place that makes it almost as good as my zia Wanda that lives in Pistoia, Italy.

ferraro's bar e ristorante, four seasons, maui, wailea, lasagna, bucatini d'amatriciana, bread

No dessert this time, because we were heading to Sean’s dad’s house and were going to have dessert with them.

Day 2: We went to the west side of the island to check out the beaches, the weather wasn’t great great so we ended up having lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise in Lahaina right on the beach.  I had the California burger, which has pineapple & avocado on it (I skipped out on the dressing, I’m picky sometimes :)) and Sean tried the January burger of the month, with I believe had brie & bacon on it.

Cheeseburger in Paradise, California burger, burger, hawaii, maui Cheeseburger in paradise, burger of the month

Day 3: We took the road to Hana, which I’ll discuss in a separate post, but we started out with a stop at Komodo Bakery in Makawao.  Here we had to get a lot of treats to share, their famous cream puffs, yum yum, donuts on a stick, apple donut, and a few other things.


We stopped for lunch in Hana at a Thai restaurant that was across from the resort.  I haven’t eaten at a Thai restaurant before so this was definitely a treat.  We had the most amazing salad with Crispy Opaka (a red snapper) with a green mango salad. OMG! This has to have been one of the best salads I’ve eaten ever.  We also had one of their specials, a panang curry with fresh caught seared ahi.  This along with a glass of Thai Iced Tea and we had an amazing lunch.

Thai, food, Hana, Hawaii, Maui, Crispy Opaka, Thai Iced Tea, Panang Curry, seared ahi

That night we stayed at the Travassa Resort, which I am going to review in another post.  But we had dinner at the resort after our run and it was good, not quite as good as the Thai crispy opaka but it was good.  I had a pasta primavera and Sean had the fresh caught mahi-mahi special.  For dessert, lilikoi creme brulee… I liked it but I’m a purist when it comes to creme brulee and I prefer the traditional vanilla.


The next day, we really didn’t eat much, since we were driving back from Hana and it was really windy, I have issues with motion sickness so I didn’t want to eat much.  Sean’s step-mom made us the best traditional Japanese meal when we returned.  I really wish I had photos, but it was incredible!!

We reached our last day, and we finished up at Market Fresh Bistro, a cute little restaurant that uses local and organic food.  We went for breakfast and I had a great fresh catch eggs benedict, with hollandaise on the side.  The catch was a blackened local swordfish.


And of course, we tried to go back to Guri-Guri, but they were closed, so we headed to Ululani’s Shave Ice for a final shave ice before heading back to the mainland.  This was good shave ice, but it was the most expensive of the bunch! It was $15 for 2 when we were only spending about $7 at the other places for the about the same thing.

IMG_2611 IMG_2612

We had a great time and the opportunity to try a lot of yummy, local eats. I’m looking forward to my next trip and more food treats.

2015 Goals

We are already 11 days into 2015 and I’m still contemplating what I want to achieve for this year. It’s so easy to say I want to run a sub-4 hour marathon & lower my half marathon PR etc but while I do want those things I’m not sure how important the time goals are to me right now.

So that being said, right now the things I want to work on this year are not goals in the SMART sense necessarily but they are things that if I can accomplish them will ultimately help me to be a better runner.

Here goes…

1) Run nutrition – I am really bad in that I don’t eat much or anything before or during a run so this year I’m working towards fueling my body properly for & during my long runs.

2) Running straight with no walk breaks. This one I’m getting better at but its a hard habit to break.

3) Mental toughness – I have a very hard time with this – I don’t want to give up but I do sometimes let the pain & fatigue take over.

4) Trail & hill running – I love being on the trails but I tend to avoid them because of the hills. This year I will embrace hill training!

5) Cross Train more regularly. I used to do Insanity when I was training for my first marathon & I loved it. I need to get back to doing more things like that.

6) Core work & increasing my glute strength. I have a lot of issues with a pain in my upper hamstring & glute area so this is essential to be pain free.

7) Continue to eat healthy & drink lots of water. I fall off every once in a while when it comes to sweets but I have determined that the best nutritional plan for me is one that is not super rigid. I will continue to eat loads of veggies but still enjoy pasta, other carbs & dessert a few times a week. Six pack abs are not in my future and that’s ok