2021 Pain Awareness Month #PainCounts

This post is sponsored by Sunbeam.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Did you know that September is the US Pain Foundation Pain Awareness Month?

This year’s Pain Awareness Month campaign is presented in collaboration with my friends over at Sunbeam & you can come up with your own pain care plan by going to www.mypainplan.org.

The US Pain Foundation believes that every person with pain is entirely unique & their treatment plan should be as well. The theme for this year #MyPainPlan was chosen because it’s vitally important that everyone have access to an individualized, multidisciplinary, multimodal approach to pain care.

While my own pain is currently mostly superficial, I am no longer dealing with the chronic hamstring & knee pain that I once was, I went to www.mypainplan.org and created #MyPainPlan.

When you go to the site you’ll be able to learn about treatment options, create a customized plan and then download & share your plan.

You’ll be able to explore options in seven categories of pain management

Self-management options focus on lifestyle changes, like learning how to pace yourself or improving your sleep habits.  They typically are low risk to try but can take a major time commitment to implement.

Restorative therapies are treatment approaches and interventions that focus on using or modifying movement to reduce pain.  These are mostly low-risk, but may require you to start slow and work with a trained professional at first.

Complementary and integrative health approaches include options that are not typically part of conventional medical care and/or have origins outside of Western medicine.  These options often emphasize the mind-body connection & can focus on calming the nervous system and reducing stress.  There is mixed scientific evidence so it’s hard to know if things like acupuncture, cupping, reflexology & reiki will help with your specific type of pain.

Mind Body and behavioral health approaches may help you reframe how you see your pain and improve your ability to cope with it. In some cases, in the long run, they may even improve pain itself.  Examples include counseling, mediation, and  support groups.

Medications – pretty self-explanatory but please work with your health care provider to determine what medication is right for you.

External devices – treatment options use innovative technology and electrical currents to reduce pain. These currents can interfere with, or even block, pain signals in the body. This would be something like a TENS unit or one of the many Sunbeam heating pads.

Interventional – this category involves surgical procedures performed by medical professionals. These procedures can range from minimally invasive to invasive.

For now, I personally will be sticking to using my Sunbeam GoHeatTM USB Powered Heating Pad to help with my minimal pain, but if you have chronic pain, head over to www.mypainplan.org to create your own pain plan to discuss with your health provider.


#RethinkRelief This Summer with Sunbeam GoHeat™️USB Powered Heating Pad

This post is sponsored by Sunbeam. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I’m super excited about the new Sunbeam GoHeat™️USB Powered Heating Pad. It’s perfect for taking on any trip for all my aches and pains.

Because it is USB Powered the heating pad is able to be used in any USB device, like in your car, on your computer or a power block, since the power source isn’t included, you can use whatever USB power device you would like. It measures 12.5×7.5 inches and is made with a super flexible & luxurious (machine washable) Micromink material that is able to be rolled and can fit easily into almost any bag including my purse.

This summer we have a lot of road & camping trips on the agenda, I’m looking forward to being able to use my GoHeat™️USB Powered Heating Pad while out camping.

At the Beach

Relaxing after a long hike

The adjustable strap makes it easy to keep the heating pad in place on your back, arms, legs or shoulders. It has 3 heat settings that you can see with different colors Green (low), Yellow (medium) & Red (high). And in case you forget it’s on, it has a 2 hour auto shut-off too.
It comes with a 58in extension cord so you can reach different USB plugs without having to be stuck by an outlet.
I’m looking forward to using my GoHeat™️USB Powered Heating Pad all summer long no matter where I am. Where will you #RethinkRelief this summer?
Want a Sunbeam heating pad for yourself? Head over to my Instagram post click here for a chance to win one for yourself! Don’t want to wait? You can get one today on Amazon.

Sunbeam® Targeted Heat Therapy

This post is sponsored by Sunbeam®.  I was compensated & given complimentary product for my review of the new Sunbeam® Targeted Heat Relief products.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

As a runner, especially one who hasn’t been training properly lately, oops! I am always dealing with one ache and/or pain after the other.  Most recently my back, the ever present hamstring tendonitis & ankle issues have been my current issues.

Which is why I was really excited to get to try out these new products from Sunbeam®.  I’m always intrigued by new products and I prefer heat to cold for recovery.

Sunbeam® is a leader in Targeted Heat Therapy for Pain Relief and their new product line doesn’t disappoint.

From the Sunbeam® website: Heat is clinically proven to relieve pain associated with muscle tension and stress; it increases blood flow to the source of the pain, which accelerates tissue healing.  Cold on the other hand reduces inflammation directly after an injury.

The new products that I received included Sunbeam® Heated Back Wrap Sunbeam® GoHeat™ Portable Heated Patches Sunbeam® FlexTemp™ Hot & Cold Joint Wrap Sunbeam® FlexFit™ Heated Wrap Sunbeam® Wrapping Heating Pad with XpressHeat®

Sunbeam® Heated Back Wrap, it has a contoured design to match the shape of your back.  It also includes an extra waist strap to extend the width of the strap  (it was a little snug so that piece will come in handy).  This is awesome to wear while I’m working.

The Sunbeam® GoHeat™ Portable Heated Patches were my favorite product of the group.  The patches are small enough that you can put them pretty much anywhere.  I like to use them on my hamstring, which is my problem spot.  Best of all, this is the only product of the group that is fully portable.  It comes with a control unit that you can clip onto your clothing.  There are 3 settings, low, medium & a 20 minute high heat cycle.

Next up was Sean’s favorite product.  The FlexTemp Hot + Cold Joint Wrap.   He was using this on his knee all weekend long.  It’s snug fitting & you can use it either with the cold freezable gel pack or plug it in for heat.  If you use it with the gel pack, you can remove the cord connector so you can move around if needed.

Sean said that it was really comfortable and he didn’t even realize that he was wearing it.  I used it with the ice after a tough spin class and it was super easy to get that icing down.

Another product I really liked was the Sunbeam® FlexFit™ Heated Wrap.  This piece was super cool because you can use it pretty much anywhere.  I especially liked using it on my ankle after my marathon to help with the minor inflammation I had from all the climbing out there in the mountains.

I also tried it out on my arm after a lot of heavy arm session and it fit great around my forearm/elbow.

The last piece I got was the Sunbeam® Wrapping Heating Pad with XpressHeat®.  This one you can use on either your arm or leg.  I was using this after Revel when my shins and calves were really sore from the downhill.  And I could use it while stretching too.

All of the products (except the portable patches) are made of a really soft material & are able to thrown in the washer, just disconnect the pad from the cord.

It’s nice because you can just plug them in and wear any or all of these products while just sitting and watching TV.  You can also create a moist heat option by spraying the pad with water which is supposed to provide deep penetrating pain relief.

These products are available at Sunbeam partners like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Walgreens & a bunch of others.

Which of these heat therapy products would you want to try?